Shia says: Ali [ra] attained the rank of Prophethood

In famous shia epistle “Peshawar Nights” (p 247) of shia scholar Shirazi, written:

The proof that Imam Ali (alaihi salam) reached rank of Nubuwah, and was capable to this great level, is hadith manzilah which was narrated from Nabi (salallahu alaihi wa ali) in your authentic books…


  1. Is the hadith not in your sunni authentic books?

    • The topic is about the Kufri statement of your scholar not the Hadith.

      The Prophet (saw) also said to some other Sahabi that He is like Ibrahim (as), I think it was Abubakr (ra). This doesn’t mean that Abubakr (ra) attained the rank of Prophethood.


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