The Shia Mahdi – A sadistic mass-murdering Anti-Arab bigot


Yes, the title is kind of provoking (but nothing compared to what you are going to read from Shia books!) and many of you (Sunnah or Shia) – especially the common folks among the Shias – might have never heard about a single of the following narrations (that have all been classified as reliable narrations in regards to the Shia Mahdi by major classical Shia scholars whose views have more weight than any Marja’) that we have collected in this unique article. We’ve gathered the best of the best we could find on numerous Arabic websites that have (aready) finished off Shiism – especially regarding our very topic – ages ago. Even the Arab speaking Shias on various forums couldn’t come up with any good explanation except (as it is always the case) with very lame excuses and strange and farfetched explanation for the sadistic, Zoroastrian, Jewish and mass-murdering attributes of their hidden 12th saviour.

We are talking about a thorough exposure where not a single doubt will be left that the 12th Imam of the Rafidha could be ANYONE but the real Muslim Mahdi.

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Rafidhite (Shiite) Mahdi will be killed by a bearded lady (transexual)



العديد من المؤمنين يتساءلون عن الطريقة التي سيموت بها الإمام المهدي ، وإذا كان (عليه السلام) سيستشهد فهذا يعني أنّ الغاية من كلّ مسيرة الأئمّة (عليهم السلام)ومن غَيبة الإمام الطويلة ـ وهي تحقيق الكمال للبشريّة وتوجّههم للدين ـ لن تتحقّق ، فما هو قولكم في ذلك؟

الجواب :باسمه جلت اسمائهنقلَ صاحب كتاب إلزام الناصب: أنّه إذا تمّت السبعون سنة، أتى الحجّةَ الموت، فتقتله امرأة من بني تميم اسمها سعيدة، ولها لحية كلحية الرجال، بجاون صخر من فوق سطح، وهو متجاوز في الطريق. وفوزه بالشهادة لا يتنافى مع بلوغ البشريّة قمّة الكمال، فإنّ الكمال للمجموع، وليس لكلِّ فرد فرد.


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Wave of lies. Narrations on broken rib analysed.

Compilied and translated by brother TripolySunni, prepared by Faylaq Omar.    


Fihrist of shia scholars and their believe in tahrif of Quran

People who spend some of their time in browsing our blog, already seen how many shia scholars did believe in tahrif of Quran. I decided to make a fihrist of their names.

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Taqiyyah explained – understand 12er Shi’ism [STICKY]

By TripolySunni, edited, abridged and arranged by gift2shias team.

Fiqh of Taqqiyah:

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Mazandarani on Tahrif

Shia Salih Mazandarani in “Sharh Usool al-Kafi” 11/88 said: Continue reading

On death of Ali ibn Musa ar-Rida

Shia muhadith Mawla Salih al-Mazandarani in “Sharh Usool al-Kafi” 7/273: Continue reading

Ayat al-Kursi shia version

as Salam alaykum.

Let me first bring here Ayat al-Kursi from Quran: Continue reading

Tatbir is there any difference of opinions between shias?

as Salam alaykum.

Let me first to remind readers what is tatbir. Or better to show some pictures of it. Continue reading

Why Allah took Ibrahim as His friend

as Salam alaykum.

Shaykh of shias ibn Babaweyh in his “Uyun akhbar ar-rida” 1/76: Continue reading

Faithful shia beliver

as Salam alaykum, we all know famous report from Imam Muslim that used by criteria by all shias. Whoever loves Ali, he is believer, whoever hates him – hypocrite. Basing on this report rafidah (upon them what they deserve) making takfir on each and everybody who opposed hz Ali.  Continue reading

Nuri Tabarsi on shia scholars believers in Tahrif

as-Salam alaykum.

In his book “Faslul Khitab” (p25) Nuri Tabarsi said: Continue reading

Nuri Tabarsi on ammount of shias non believers in Tahrif

as-Salam alaykum, been a long time since last update.

Nuri Tabarsi rafidi muhadith in his famous book “Faslul Khitab fi ISBAT tahrif kitab Rabil ar-Bab” (p 32 manuscript) said: Continue reading

Ayatolla Ahmad Khwansari praising book “Faslul Khitab”


Book “Faslul Khitab” is a famous work of Mirza Husayn Noori Tabarsi, where he directly attacked Quran trying to proof that our Book been tampered. Continue reading

It is fine to have intercourse while someone watching


Book “Wasailu Shia” (21/194), author Hurr al-Amili. Continue reading

Majlisi father and son against Quran


As-Salamu Alaykum.

Muhammad Taqi al-Majlisi wrote in his book “Sharhu Sahifatus Sajadiya” p 78: Continue reading

Who is nasibi?

as-Salam Alaikum.

Who is a Nasibi?

محمد بن إدريس في (آخر السرائر) نقلا من كتاب مسائل الرجال ، عن أبي الحسن علي بن محمد ( عليهما السلام ) أن محمد بن علي بن عيسى كتب إليه يسأله عن الناصب هل يحتاج في امتحانه إلى أكثر من تقديمه الجبت والطاغوت واعتقاد إمامتهما ؟ فرجع الجواب : من كان على هذا فهو ناصب

Mohammad bin Idrees in his book ‘Aakhir al-Sarair’ quotes from the book  ‘Masail al-Rijaal’, from Aba al-Hasan Ali bin Mohammad (as);


“Ali bin Isa wrote to Imam Ali bin Mohammd (as) [9th Imam] asking Him about the Nasibi*, Is it needed to evaluate him upon more than Him bringing forward Jibt and Taghoot (Abu Bakr and Umar) (putting them ahead of the Imam’s) and believing in their Imamat ? The reply came, “The one who is upon that then he is a Nasibi”

[Source: Wasail al-Shia, Vol. 29, Pg. 133]

Imam’s travelling through many worlds

Imam’s (as) travelling through many worlds

حدثنا احمد بن محمد عن الحسين بن سعيد عن ابن ابى عمير عن ابى ايوب عن ابان بن تغلب قال كنت عندابى عبد الله عليه السلام فدخل عليه رجل من اهل اليمن فقال يا اخا اهل اليمن عندآم علماء قال نعم قالفما بلغ من علم عالمكم قال يسير في ليلة مسيرة شهرين يزجر الطير ويقفوا الاثر فقال أبو عبد الله عليه السلامعالم المدينة اعلم من عالمكم قال فما بلغ من علم عالم المدينة قال يسير في ساعة من النهار مسيرة شمس سنةحتى يقطع اثنى عشر الف مثل عالمكم هذا ما يعلمون ان الله خلق آدم ولا ابليس قال فيعرفونكم قال نعم ماافترض عليهم الا ولايتنا والبرائة من عدونا


From Ahmad bin Muhammad bin Isa, from Al-Husain bin Saeed, from Muhammad bin Abi Umair, from Abi Ayub Ibrahim bin Usman Al-Khazaz, from Aban bin Taghlub who said:

“I was in the presence of Abi Abdillah (Imam Sadiq) (as), when a man from Yemen came up to Him.
Imam (as) said to him, “O Yemeny brother, are there scholars among you?”
He said, “Yes”.
Imam (as) said, “What do your scholars achieve from their knowledge?”
He said, “He travels in one night the travel distance of two months of the flight of the bird and the effects would remain.”
Abi Abdillah (as) said, “The scholar from Medina [referring to the Imam’s (as)] is more knowledgeable then your scholars.”
He said, “What does the scholar of Medina achieve from his knowledge?”
Imam (as) said, ” He travels in one hour of the day, the travel distance of a year’s travel of the sun, to the extent that he cuts through twelve thousand worlds the like of this world of yours whose inhabitants are not aware that Allah (swt) created Adam (as) or Iblees”.
He said, “They recognise You?”
Imam (as) said, “Yes. There is no obligation upon them except for Our Wilayah and the keeping away (Tabarra) from Our enemies.”
[Source: Basaair Al-Darajaat, Vol. 8, Chapter. 12, Hadees. 15]
All narrators are trustworthy. Hadees is Saheeh (authentic)
There are more narrations with the same meaning, hence making the Matn “Tawattur” (frequently narrated)

محمد بن عبدالله الرازي الجاموراني، عن إسماعيل بن موسى، عن أبيه، عن جده عن عبدالصمد بن علي قال: دخل رجل على علي بن الحسين عليهما السلام فقال له علي بن الحسين عليهما السلام: من أنت؟ قال: أنا رجل منجم قال فانت عراف، قال: فنظر إليه ثم قال: هل أدلك على رجل قد مر منذ دخلت علينا في أربعة عشر عالما كل عالم أكبر من الدنيا ثلاث مرات لم يتحرك من مكانه؟ قال من هو؟ قال: أنا وإن شئت أنبأتك بما أكلت وما ادخرت في بيتك

Muhammad bin Abdullah Al-Razi Al-Jaamoorani, from Ismail bin Moosa from his father, from his grandfather, from Abd Al-Samad bin Ali who said :

A man came up to Ali bin Husain (as). Ali bin Husain (as) said to him, “Who are you?”.
The man said, “I am a astrologer.” Imam (as) said, “So you are a fortune-teller.”
Imam (as) then looked at him and then said, “Shall I show you a man who since the time you have come to us, moved through 14 worlds, with each world being 3 times bigger than this world, without having moved from his place?”
The man said, “Who is He?”
Imam (as) said, “I and if I wish, I can inform you what you ate and what you have stored in your house.”
[Source: Basaair Al-Darajaat, Vol. 8, Chapter. 12, Hadees. 13]
Comments: Just wonder how these Imams with such super power been killed?

Ilm al-Ghayb (Knowledge of unseen) and shia Imams

as-Salam Alaikum.

Ilm-e-Gaib of Imam Jafar Sadiq: Continue reading

Imam sees and hears all the world

as-Salam alaikum.

Few shia  reports to proof that they hve attributed to their Imams sifaat of Allah. Continue reading


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