Az-Ziyara Al-Jame’a Al-Kabeera

Salam alaikum. I would simple quote here all text of that shia supplication, and underline some terrific parts. Thinks yourself, does this has to do anything wuth islam, or does that ziyarah nothing but blatant kufr.

Az-Ziyara Al-Jame’a Al-Kabeera: The Major Comprehensive Pilgrimage

68-3 Ali ibn Ahmad ibn Muhammad ibn Imran al-Daqqaq, Muhammad ibn Ahmad Al-Sinani, Ali ibn Abdullah al-Warraq and Al-Hussein ibn Ibrahim ibn Ahmad ibn Hisham al-Mokattib – may God be pleased with them – narrated that Muhammad ibn Abi Abdullah al-Kufi and Abul Hussein al-Asadi quoted on the authority of Muhammad ibn Isma’el al-Mak’ki al-Barmaki, on the authority of Musa ibn Imran an-Nakha’ee that he had told Ali ibn Muhammad ibn Ali ibn Musa ibn Ja’far ibn Muhammad ibn Ali ibn Al-Hussein ibn Ali ibn Abi Talib (Imam al-Hadi) (s), “O Son of the Prophet of God! Please teach me words to say that are both eloquent and perfect to say whenever I visit anyone of you (the Imams).” Then the Imam (s) said, “Stop when you arrive at the door. Express the two testimonies[426] after you have performed the ritual bathing (Ghusl). And then when you enter and see the tomb, stop and say God is the Greatest thirty times. Then take short steps, be serene and calm, and approach the tomb. Then stop and say God is the Greatest thirty times. Then get closer to the tomb and say God is the Greatest forty times, so that you complete saying it one-hundred times. Then say, ‘Peace be upon you! O Members of the Holy Household of Prophethood, and the holders of the position of the Prophetic mission and the place where angels will come and go: the landing sites for the descension of revelations; the Treasurers of Affection; the Treasurers of Knowledge; the limits of patience; the fundamentals of magnanimity; the Commanders of the nations; the Masters of the pious ones; the Sources of benevolence; the Pillars of the company of the good; the Managers of the affairs of the servants (i.e. the people); the Chiefs of the towns; the Gates to belief; the Trustees of the Merciful (God); the Progeny of the Prophets; the Elite of the Messengers; and the best progeny created by the Lord of the Two Worlds. And may God’s Grace and His Blessings be upon you. Peace be upon the leaders towards guidance, the lanterns for darkness, the signs of piety, the possessors of intelligence, and the origins of wisdom. Peace be upon the Divine Leaders (Imams) who are the secure turning point for mankind; the inheritors of the Prophets; the best similitude and the best call; and the Proofs of God to the people in the Hereafter and this world. And may God’s Grace and His Blessings be upon you.

Peace be upon the centers of Divine Recognition; the sources of God’s Blessings; the Treasurers of God’s Wisdom; the Guardians of God’s Secrets; the carriers of God’s Book; the Trustees of God’s Prophet, and the Progeny of God’s Messenger (s). And may God’s Grace and His Blessings be upon you.

Peace be upon the Callers to God; the Directors towards God’s Satisfaction; the Steadfast ones in Divine Decrees and in what He has admonished mankind against; the Ones filled with the love of God; the Sincere ones in their belief in God’s Unity; the Ones who manifest Divine Decrees, and what He has admonished mankind against; the Noble servants who never proclaim anything other than what He has declared, and those that act according to His Orders! And may God’s Grace and His Blessings be upon you.

Peace be upon the Divine Leaders (Imams) who invite; the Commanders to the right guidance and the Masters of the believers; and the Defenders of the rights of the oppressed; and the People who remember (God); and the Possessors of authority; and God’s Remainders (the Imams); His chosen ones and His party; the Base of His Knowledge; and His Reason; and His path; and His Light, and His Proof. May God’s Grace and His Blessings be upon you.
I bear witness that there is no god but God and there are no partners for Him, as that is God’s Testimony for Himself; and that is His Angels testimony for Him; and the testimony of His Possessors of Knowledge (divine leaders) among His creatures for Him. I bear witness that there is no god but Him the Honorable the Wise. And I bear witness that Muhammad (s) is His servant – the chosen one and his Messenger – the content one. He has sent him (the Prophet Muhammad (s)) with Guidance and the Religion of Truth, so that he may proclaim it to be superior over all other religions, even though the pagans may detest it. And I bear witness that you are the Divine Leaders (Imams) who walk in righteousness; the ones who guide; the Infallible ones; the highly honored ones; the close ones (to God); the pious ones; and the truthful ones. You are the chosen ones and the ones obedient to God. You are the ones steadfast to His Decrees. You are the ones who act according to His Will. You are the triumphant ones due to His Nobility. You are chosen by His Knowledge. You are pleased with His Religion. And you are chosen to safekeep His Secrets. You are chosen by His Power. And you are honored by His Guidance. You are dedicated to be His Proof, and you are chosen for His Illumination. You are approved of by His Spirit, and He has approved of your Divine Leadership on His Earth. He has established you as His Proofs for His creatures; and as Helpers of His Religion; as Guardians of His Secrets; and as Treasures of His Knowledge; and as a Depository of His Wisdom; as Translators of His Revelations; as the Pillars of His Unity; and as Witnesses over His creatures; as signs for His servants; and as Landmarks in His towns; and as Conductors on His Way. God protected you (the Imams) from making mistakes, secured you from sedition, purified you from impurities, cleansed you of any uncleanliness and purified you – What a purification! Then you glorified His Magnificence, and held high His Rank. You praised His Magnanimity, continued His Remembrance, stressed His Covenant, and strengthened the bonds of His Obedience. You guided others in secret and in public towards Him, and invited others to His Path through wisdom and eloquent sermons. You gave your lives to please Him. You suffered any calamities that befell you due to being on His Side. You established the prayers. You paid the alms-tax. You advised to do what is right, and you admonished against what is wrong to do. You struggled in the way of God in the best manner, until you made His Call public; clarified what He has made obligatory; established His Limits; disseminated His Jurisprudence; and clearly expressed His Traditions. You went to Him and in doing so you submitted to what He had destined for youy and acknowledged His previously-sent Messengers.
Therefore, whoever turns away from you is an apostate, and whoever stays with you joins you. Whoever neglects your rights will perish. The Truth is with you, in you, from you, and goes towards you. You are the people of the Truth, and its Treasure. The inheritance of the Prophets is with you. The return of the people is to you, their reckoning is with you, and the elucidation of the message is carried out by you.

God’s verses are with you, and His Obedience is accomplished through you. His Light and Proof are with you. His Decrees are entrusted to you. Whoever is your friend is indeed God’s friend. Whoever is your enemy is indeed God’s enemy. Whoever loves you indeed loves God. Whoever adheres to you has indeed adhered to God. You are the most direct path towards God. You are the witnesses in this ephemeral abode, and are the ones who intercede in the eternal abode. You are the continuous mercy, the stored signs, and the protected Trusteeship. You are the gate through which people are tested. Whoever comes to you is saved, and whoever does not gets destroyed. You call out to God, and reason on His Behalf. You believe in Him, submit to Him, act according to His Decrees and direct us towards His Path. You rule according to His Words.

I swear by God that whoever makes friends with you becomes prosperous; whoever becomes your enemy is destroyed; and whoever denies you fails; whoever separates from you goes astray; whoever adheres to you becomes victorious; whoever takes refuge in you is safe and sound; whoever acknowledges you attains peace; whoever comes under your custody is guided; whoever follows you, his abode will be in Paradise; whoever opposes you, his dwelling place will be in the Fire; whoever denies you is an unbeliever; whoever fights with you is a polytheist; and whoever rejects you will have the lowest rank in the Fire. I bear witness that these issues have held true for you in the past as they will hold true for the rest of time. I bear witness that your spirits, light, and nature are all the same. Each of you have obtained health and purity from the others. God created you as rays of light. Then He set you up encircling His Throne, until He favored us with you. Then He placed you in homes which God permitted to be honored and in which His Name is mentioned. And He established our supplications to you; and our loving you which He has made unique to us as a means of goodness of our temper; cleanliness of ourselves; purification of us; and as an expiation for our sins since we acknowledge your nobility near Him and are known to acknowledge you. Thus may God grant you the most honorable position among those held in honor and the highest mansions of those nearest to God; and the highest ranks among the Trustees of the Messengers where no one who is not deserving can reach and no transgressor can attain supremacy; no rival can triumph; and no greedy one can be voracious to obtain. So then there remains no nearby-stationed angels, Messengers, trusted friends, martyrs, scholars, ignorant ones, debased ones, noble ones, good believers, vicious villains, obstinate oppressors, or disobedient Satans, nor any creature amongst them remains as a witness, unless God makes them realize the loftiness of your decrees; the exaltedness of your significance; the greatness of your rank; and the perfection of your light; the truthfulness of your positions; the firmness of your standing; the honor of your position and your residence near Him; your being honored by Him; and your being especial in His court; and the extent of the closeness of your position near Him.

May my father, mother, spouse, property, and family be your ransom! May God and you bear witness that I believe in you and what you believe in. I renounce your enemies, and that by which they have disowned you. I am fully aware of your status, and of the deviation of those who oppose you. I am your friend and a friend of your friends. I despise your enemies and am their adversary. I am at peace with those who are at peace with you. I am at war with those who are at war with you. I accept as true whatever you verify, and consider as false whatever you refute. I obey you. I recognize your rightfulness. I confess to your nobility. I carry your knowledge. I seek protection under your shelter. I confess to you. I believe that you will return. I testify to your promised return. I am awaiting your orders. I am awaiting your reign. I hold fast to what you have said. I carry out your orders. I take shelter in your neighborhood. I go on pilgrimage to you. I seek refuge in you since for me your ‘resting abodes’ are sanctuaries. I ask God the Honorable the Exalted for your intercession, and I seek nearness to Him through you. Under all circumstances I put the first priority on you rather than my wants, needs, desires and all affairs. I am a believer in what you have kept as secrets and what you have made public, in your presence and absence – your first one (i.e. absence or ‘Ghaybat) and your last one. I entrust all my affairs in this regard to you. And I submit to God in this regard along with you. And I whole-heartedly believe in you. My viewpoints agree with yours. I am ready to assist you until God the Highest revives His Religion through you (the Al-Mahdi (s)); and brings you back during His Days; and makes you victorious for the sake of His Justice; and makes you powerful on His Earth. Then I am with you. I am not with your enemies. I believe in you. I love the last one (Imam) of you just as much as I love the first one.
I acquit myself in the sight of God of your enemies; of sorcery and evil; the Satans; and their party that is oppressive to you; and of the ones who denied your rightfulness; the apostates who turn away from your Divine Leadership; the ones who usurped the authority which you inherited; and of the ones who doubted in you; the ones who deviated from you. And I acquit myself of all intimate friends but you; and of obeying anyone but you; and of the leaders who invite us towards the Fire. May God make me steadfast in your assistance, friendship, love, and religion for as long as I live. May He grant me success in obeying you, grant me your intercession on my behalf, and establish me as one of your best followers who follow what you have invited them to. And establish me as one who investigates your traces and trots on your path; is guided by your guidance; is resurrected amongst you; returns when you return; attains rule in your government; is honored due to your health; gets established during your time; and gets pleased to see you. May my father, mother, spouse, property, and possessions be your ransom! Whoever desired to reach God started out with you. And whoever considers Him to be the One and Only has accepted this belief from you. And whoever intended to go towards Him was directed towards you. O my Masters! Your praise is beyond measure. Your true nature is beyond praise. Your majesty is beyond description. And you are the light of the Company of the Good. And you are the true guidance for the pious, and the proofs of the Omnipotent. God has initiated everything with you, and He shall terminate everything with you. He will send down rain due to you. For your sake, He will prevent the sky from collapsing down onto the Earth without His Permission. He will remove the sorrows through you.
And He will solve the difficulties through you. And whatever He has sent down to His Messenger which the angels have brought down to him (Muhammad) is with you (the Imams). And the Spirit of Faith and Truth (Gabriel) – was dispatched to your forefather (the Prophet Muhammad (s)).

[And if you are visiting the shrine of the Commander of the Faithful – Imam Ali (s) say:

And the Spirit of Faith and Truth – was dispatched to your brother (implying the Prophet Muhammad (s).]

God has granted you what He would not grant to any of the people of the Two Worlds. All the noble ones bow down to your dignity. And all the arrogant ones humble themselves in your obedience. And all the powerful people yield to your nobility. All things yield themselves to you. The Earth is brightened with your light. The triumphant ones become victorious due to your friendship. One can trot towards Paradise with your assistance.And the Wrath of God Most Gracious is upon those who disclaim your Trusteeship. May my father, mother, myself, my spouse and my property be your ransom!

You are remembered as other people are remembered. Your names are mentioned amongst other people’s names. Your corpses are buried amongst other people’s corpses. Your spirits are amongst other people’s spirits. Your souls are amongst other souls. Your traces are amongst other traces. Your tombs are among other tombs. How delightful are your names! And how noble are your souls! How majestic is your honor! How exalted is your significance! How honored are your promises! Your words are similar to light! Your decrees are a basis for growth! Your advice is to be God-fearing! And your deeds are good! Your habits are kindnesses!

Your nature is generosity! Your concerns are truth, honesty and moderation! Your words are full of wisdom and are binding! Your opinions are full of knowledge, patience and wisdom! Indeed, whenever there is a mention of goodness, you are the first, the next, the source, and the termination of goodness!

May my father, mother, myself, my spouse and my property be your ransom! How can I describe the charm of your praise? How can I measure the nobility of your rank? And God has taken us out of the state of humiliation, has removed from us over-abundance of anguish, and He has saved us from the verge of the cliff of destruction and the Fire.

May my father, mother, and myself be your ransom! God taught us the secrets of our religion due to our following you. And He improved those of our worldly affairs that had become ruined. And due to our following you, the Word was perfected, the blessings were increased, and disunion was converted into union. God accepted our obligatory deeds from us because we follow you. And cordiality for you is obligatory, and you have high ranks, and a commendable station before God the Highest and a known place, a great high rank, a high status, and accepted intercession. Our Lord! we believe in what Thou hast revealed, and we follow the Apostle; then write our names down among those who bear witness. Our Lord! (they say), Let not our hearts deviate now after Thou hast guided us, but grant us mercy from Thine own Presence; for Thou art the Grantor of bounties without measure. Glory be to our Lord! Truly has the promise of our Lord been fulfilled!

O friend of God [O friends of God]! Indeed there are sins in between me and God that cannot be removed unless you approve of that. I ask you by the One who has established you as His Trustees of His Secrets and has entrusted the affairs of His creatures to you, and has equated your obedience with His own obedience to kindly implore forgiveness for my sins, and be the ones who intercede on my behalf as I am obedient to you and whoever is obedient to you has indeed obeyed God.

Whoever disobeys you is disobedient to God. And whoever loves you has indeed loved God. And whoever despises you has indeed loathed God.

O God! Could I ever have found ones to intercede with Thee on my behalf who would be closer to Thee than Muhammad and the Members of his Household – the leaders of the Company of the Good and the pious ones? I beseech Thee by their right (the Divine Leaders) that Thou establish them as the ones to intercede on my behalf.

I ask Thee to place me amongst those who know them (the Divine Leaders) and recognize their rightfulness – and amongst those who hope for their intercession – as Thou art the Most Merciful of those that are merciful. And may God’s Blessings and Salutations with much respect be upon our Master Muhammad (s) and his Household. And God sufficeth for us, and He is the best disposer of affairs.

Saying Farewell

Then when you decide to depart, recite the following:
O Members of the Holy Prophet’s Household! Peace be upon you! Peace be upon one who says farewell, but is neither tired of you nor is he discontented with you.

And may God’s Grace and His Blessings be upon you – as He is indeed Praiseworthy and Glorious. Peace be upon you from a friend who is neither willing to depart from you; nor to choose anyone else and substitute him for you; one who does not stray away from you; and one who does not abstain from being near you.

May God not let this be the last time I make pilgrimage to your tomb and visit your shrine. And peace be upon you. May God resurrect me amongst you; make me be one who enters your Pool Kawthar); let me join your party; please you with me; empower me from your government; and revive me during your return; and give me a position during your rule. And may God grant me gratitude for my efforts for you; and forgive me for my sins due to your intercession; overlook my faults due to your love; increase my eminence due to my adherence to you; revere me due to my obedience to you; and honor me due to your guidance.

And when I return home please make me successful with a happy ending, a winner, in good shape, healthy, wealthy, and having attained the satisfaction of God and His Grace and with better things than what God would normally return your visitors, friends, lovers, and followers with.

And may God grant me another chance to return on pilgrimage after I arrive home as long as my Lord keeps me alive with a sincere intention, faith, piety, humbleness, and legitimate, prolonged and pure sustenance.

O my God! Please do not let this be the last time I visit them, remember them and supplicate to them. And please make forgiveness; the good; blessings; light; faith; and fair acceptance of my prayers a certainty for me – just as Thee has done so for Thy friends who have recognized the truth about them (the Prophet’s Household); consider it incumbent upon themselves to obey the Imams; are inclined to visit the Imams; and are close to Thee and them. May my father, mother, family, property, and possessions be your ransom! Please pay attention to me and let me join your party. Include me amongst those on whose behalf you intercede, and mention me in the presence of your Lord. O my God! Please send blessings upon Muhammad (s) and the Household of Muhammad (s). And express my greetings to their souls and their bodies. And peace be upon you; and may God’s Grace and His Blessings be upon you. And may God’s Blessings, and Salutations with much respect be upon our Master Muhammad (s) and his Household. And God sufficeth for us, and He is the best disposer of affairs.

You see, they say: The return of the people is to you, their reckoning is with you, and the elucidation of the message is carried out by you.

Quran say: [Shakir 29:8] And We have enjoined on man goodness to his parents, and if they contend with you that you should associate (others) with Me, of which you have no knowledge, do not obey them, to Me is your return, so I will inform you of what you did.

[Shakir 13:36] And those to whom We have given the Book rejoice in that which has been revealed to you, and of the confederates are some who deny a part of it. Say: I am only commanded that I should serve Allah and not associate anything with Him, to Him do I invite (you) and to Him is my return.