Babe in the grave of Kulayni

Salam alaykum.


The tomb of Shaykh Kulaini (r.a.), author of Kafi, is situated near the bridge in Baghdad. A fellow from the oppressor rulers thought of destroying the Holy shrine of Imam Moosa Kazim (a.s.) so that people may stop visiting Kazmain. His minister was a Shia (in heart). He became restless to find out a way to stop that fellow from his evil intention was unable to say anything openly because any doubt of his being a Shia was enough to put his life in danger. Anyway, they proceeded to Kazmain with the aforesaid evil intention. As soon as they approached the Baghdad bridge, the minister said, “Here is the grave of a big Shia scholar who was one of the delegates of Imam Kazim (a.s.), and people say that his body is still fresh and that it will always remain fresh and safe. If the king agrees this may be checked. If it is found that what people say is correct then it would not be wise to touch the tomb of Imam Kazim (a.s.).” The ruler agreed and, as per the king’s command, the grave of Kulaini (r.a.) was opened. They saw that his body was quite fresh and not only that, more surprising was the existence of the fresh and safe body of a little child by Kulaini’s side. It could not be known whether the child was related to Kulaini (r.a.) or not. What is worth noting is what can a soul do. If any other person also comes close to a pious soul it is also affected thereby. No doubt the Holy Progeny of the Messenger are the fountainhead of good and so their corpses are also alive and people can see occasional miracles from their graves.

Source: The Hereafter (Ma’aad) by Ayatullah Dastghaib Shiraazi, p 64.

I remember the fatwa of Khomayni.

لا يجوز وطء الزوجة قبل اكمال تسع سنين ، و أما سائر الايمتاعات كاللمس بشهوة و الضم و التفخيذ فلا باس بها حتى في الرضيعة ”
It is impermissible to have intercourse with ones wife before she reaches 9 years, and as for as all other enjoyments like touching with sexual desire, hugging and placing your private part in-between her thighs, then there is nothing wrong with that, even if it is done with an infant.

I am not asserting anything, just idea.

In some places, in the ancient world, there was a practise to burry wifes with their husband, so they can surve them in hereafter.