Birth of imam. Narrated by Majlese

Source: The book of
Chapter: His birth and story of his mother
Compiler: `Allamah Muhammad Baqir al-Majlisi
Translator: Hassan Allahyari
Publisher: Ansariyan Publications -Qom
First Edition 2003-1424-1382

Al-Husain Ibn Hamdān and another reliable Sheikh narrated to me from Hakīma Bint Muhammad Ibn ‘Ali al-Redhā (alaihi salam) narrated that she used to enter upon Abu Muhammad (alaihi salam) and pray for him that Allah may give him a son. She said, I entered upon her and said to him what I used to say and prayed as I used to pray. He said, “Aunt, as for your prayers that may Allah give me a son, it will happen tonight.” It was a Friday eve, three nights left from Sha‘bān of the year two hundred and fifty seven. “Have your iftār with us.” “Who is this blessed boy going to be born from, my Master,” I asked. “From Narjis, aunt.”
I said to him, “There is not one amongst your bondmaids more cherished to me than her.” I rose and went to her. When I entered upon her, she did to me what she always did. I bowed on her hands and kissed them and did not allow her do what she always did. She called me her lady; I called her the same. She said, “May I be your ransom,” she said. “I and the whole world be your ransom,” I returned.
She turned that down. I said to her, “Do not turn down what I did. For Allah will grant you in this night a boy, a Master in this world and the hereafter. He will be the relief of the believers.” She was bashful.
I looked at her closely but did not see any sign of pregnancy. I said to my Master Abu Muhammad (alaihi salam), “I do not see any pregnancy in her.” He smiled and said, “We the congregation of successors are not carried in the abdomens, but rather, we are carried on the sides. We do not come out from wombs, but rather from the right leg from our mothers. Because we are the Divine light to which impurities do not reach.” “My Master,” I said, “you just informed me he will be born in this night. In which time?” He said, “At dawn-break, the dignified before Allah will be born insha’Allah.
Lady Hakīma says, I got up and made iftār and then slept near Narjis. Abu Muhammad (alaihi salam) slept at the front deck of the house in which we were. When the time of nightly prayers arrived, I got up. Narjis was asleep. There was not any sign of parturition in her. I began my prayers and then performed the watr prayers. As I was in the watr, it occurred to my mind that the dawn has come. As doubts came to my heart, Abu Muhammad (alaihi salam) called out from the deck, “Aunt, dawn has not come.” I finished the prayers fast and Narjis moved. I came near her and pulled her to me and mentioned the name of Allah on her. “Do you feel anything?” I asked her. “Yes,” she said. A faintness overwhelmed me that I could not hold my person and it put me to sleep. The same happened to Narjis. I did not wake up but by feeling my Master the Mahdi and hearing the call of Abu Muhammad (alaihi salam), saying, “Aunt, bring my son to me.” I kissed him and removed the veil from my Master. There he was, prostrating, reaching the earth with his forehead, palms, knees, and toes. There was transcribed on his right arm, The Truth has came and vanity has perished, verily, vanity is ever perishing. I pulled him to myself and found him to be pure and clean without need to any attention. I wrapped him in a cloth and carried him to Abu Muhammad (alaihi salam). He picked his son and sat him on his left palm and placed his right palm on his back. Then he entered his tongue into the blessed baby’s mouth and touched his hand against the baby’s back and ears and joints. Then he said to him, “Talk, my son.” He said, “I bear witness that a deity other than Allah is not, and I bear witness that Muhammad is Messenger of Allah and that ‘Ali, the Prince of the Believers, is the Wali of Allah.” Then he kept counting the Master Imams, one after the other, until he reached himself. He beseeched relief for his devotees on his hands and then with great awe stopped.”
“Aunt, take him to his mother,” said Abu Muhammad (alaihi salam), “so he greets her. Then bring him to me.” I took him. He greeted his mother and then I returned him to his father. Then the like of a veil was erected between me and Abu Muhammad (alaihi salam) and I did not see my Master. I said to him, “My Master, where is our lord?” He said, “Took him someone who is more nearer to him than you. When it is the seventh day, come to us.” On the seventh day, I came and greeted him and sat down. He said, “Bring my son to me.” I brought my Master, who was in a yellow dress. His father did the same things to him like the first time and put his tongue into his mouth and then said to him, “Talk, my son.”
He said, “I bear witness that a deity other than Allah is not.” Then he praised Muhammad by beseeching blessings for him and the Prince of the Believers and the Imams one after the other until he stopped by mentioning his father. Then he recited, In the name of Allah, the Merciful, the Compassionate; And We desire to confer kindness upon those who have been enfeebled on earth and make them Imams and make them heirs and give them power on earth and show Pharaoh and Hāmān and their armies from them what they have been averting.
Then he said, “Read, my son, from the books that Allah has revealed upon his prophets and apostles.” My Master began with the book of Adam and read it in Assyrian; he read the book of Idrīs, the book of Noah, the book of Hūd, the book of Sālih, the pages of Abraham, the Torah of Moses, the Psalms of David, the Evangel of Jesus, and the Qur’ān of my grandfather Muhammad (alaihi salam). Then he narrated the stories of the apostles and messengers until his own time.
After forty days, I went to the house of Abu Muhammad (alahi salam) and suddenly saw that the Master of the Age was walking about the house. I had never seen a face more beautiful than his, nor heard a tongue more eloquent than his. Abu Muhammad (alaihi salam) said to me, “This is the boy dignified before Allah, the Exalted.”
I said to him, “My Master, he is forty days old and I see him like this.” He said, “My aunt, don’t you know that we the congregation of legatees grow in a day so much that the others grow in a week, and grow in a week so much that the others grow in a year.” I rose and kissed his forehead and returned. I came back and looked him but did not see him. I said to my Master Abu Muhammad (alaihi salam), “What has our Master done?” He said, “Aunt, we entrusted him to the one mother of Moses entrusted her son to.” Then he said, “When my Lord granted me the Mahdi of this Ummah, He sent two angels, who carried him to the Pavilions of the Throne (Sarādiq al-‘Arsh), so much so they stood him in front of Allah, the Glorified. He said to him, ‘Blessed be you My servant for the support of my religion and manifestation of My command and guidance of My servants. I have taken an oath that through you I will seize, through you I will grant, through I will forgive, through you I will punish. Return him, O’ two angels, return him. Return him to his father like a friend of Mine is returned. Convey to his father that he is in My accord of protection, in My security, and in My eyes until I establish through him the truth, until I perish through him vanity, and until the religion is for Me forever.’”
She said, “When he fell from the abdomen of his mother on earth, he was found kneeling on his knees, raising his forefingers. Then he sneezed and said, ‘All praise is due to Allah, the Lord of the worlds. And may Allah bless Muhammad—a humble servant, neither proud nor arrogant—and his household.’ Then he said, ‘The oppressors have presumed that the Hujja of Allah has perished. If I were given permission, this doubt would perish.’”

I don’t think that i need to comment anything. These words of imam: We do not come out from wombs, but rather from the right leg from our mothers. U can also find in the “Madeenatol majaiz” by Said Hasheem Bahrane 8/22.