Double life. Another shia fairy tale

Salam alaikum.

Taken from Ayatullat Dastghaib Shiraazi.

An event of healing by Muhammad and Aale Muhammad (a.s.) is also recorded in our world and that is the story of Haji Mirza Khalil. It is a recent event. Some aged people even today may remember it. At first Haji Mirza Khalil was a student in Madressa Dams Shifa in Qum. Once when he was sitting in his room, an old lady came running anxiously and said, “My mistress has a serious heart trouble. Do you know of any medicine?” The Haji who had no concern with medical science, at once replied, “Give such and such medicine to her.” Next day he saw people coming to him with plates full of tasty foods as compensation for his prescription. Thereafter neighbours knew that a very knowledgeable doctor has arrived in the Madressa who cures serious illnesses only through prescriptions. As a result, people began to rush to the Haji’s room. He also thought that the arrangement wouldn’t do. So he purchased Hakim Momin’s book ‘Tohfaa’ and after studying it, engaged in the work of a medical practitioner regularly. He became an expert physician soon and people took him to Tehran and he remained in that profession for long. Once he thought of going to Kerbala but he was not in a hurry for it. One night, he saw someone in his dream who was telling him, “If your intention is to visit Kerbala, then make haste for there is a likelihood of a ban on visits to the Holy Place after about two months (and the same happened).”

The late Haji Khalil proceeded towards Kerbala within two months and witnessed what he had seen in his dream and understood that it was a true dream. He stayed in Kerbala for quite a long time and continued his medical practice there also. One day, two ladies came to him. One of them showed him her hand, which had a strange kind of wound on it. The Haji said, “This illness is called Khorah, which has reached the bone and hence become incurable.” That lady returned very disappointed. But her companion came back and said, “0 Haji! Did you not recognize that lady?” “No,” said the Haji. She said, “That woman is a Syed lady and she is one of the Indian princesses. Her longing for Ziyarat of Husain (a.s.) has dragged her upto Iraq along with all her wealth. Now she has also become poor due to this ailment since long. You too have made her hopeless!” The Haji said, “Please bring her back at once.” When that lady returned, the Haji said, “0 respected madam! Though this ailment is very complicated and hard, I will give you some medicines. Insha Allah you will soon recover.”
So the treatment began and the lady’s hand was cured. After this, that lady was so impressed by the Haji that she stayed in his premises and behaved like a kind mother with him.

After a few days, Haji Khalil saw the same person in his dream that he had seen earlier (and who had advised him to hasten to Kerbala). Now he told the Haji, “You will fall ill and die after ten days.” Haji made his will. He became ill after a few days and his condition turned for the worse until on the tenth day; he was almost dead.
When the Haji was breathing his last, that Syed lady came up to him. Seeing the Haji’s serious condition she became very fearful. She told the people not to touch the Haji until she returned. She proceeded directly to the Holy tomb of Imam Husain, caught hold of the enclosure and said, “0 Grandfather! I will obtain the Haji from you. Please take back his life from Almighty God.” Then she wept so much that she fainted. In her consciousness she saw that the Imam (a.s.) was telling her, “0 My Daughter! What has happened to you? The lifespan of the Haji has ended and the time of his death has arrived.” That lady persisted, “I know nothing of it. I want the Haji from you.”

The Imam (a.s.) said, “All right. Since you insist so much, I am praying to Almighty Allah. If He wills, He will return the Haji to this world.” After a short time, the Imam smiled and said, “God has answered my prayer and He has returned the Haji to the world and has also doubled his lifespan.” At that time the Haji was thirty years old. Thereafter he died at the age of ninety years. During that period he had four sons, one of them being the great Jurist Al-hajj Mirza Husain and another was a famous doctor.
Briefly concluding, when the Syed lady heard this good tiding and returned to Haji’s residence, she found him sitting in a good condition. He exclaimed, “0 respected Syed Madam! May God give you a great good reward.”
One of the admonitions mentioned in Haji Khalil’s will was his instruction to his son that he must take care of Syeds, especially their respected and honourable ladies, as they are very esteemed in the highest court of Almighty Allah.
There are many similar examples in books. In Darus Salaam of Iraqi, the last chapter of which is about wonders resulting from the medium of Ahle Bayt (a.s.) there is a story of a child who had died after falling from the ceiling of his house.

Source: The Hereafter (Ma’aad) by Ayatullah Dastghaib Shiraazi, p 157-159.