History. Compilation of Quran VS shia belief on companions

Salam alaikum.

It’s not a secret for anyone that majority of shias believe that almost all companions apostated after the death of prophet (sallalahu alaihi wa ala alihi wa sallam). For sure they believe that Abu Bakr,Umar, Uthman, Hafsa apostated.

On other hand it’s known fact from the history that 4 mentioned companions, took a great participation in the compilation of Quran in present form.

No doubt, that without Quran there is no islam. If someone say that companions that compilied Quran were apostates, how it’s possible for him to belief in that Book?

And here a proof from one of the top shia scholars of 20-century, that companions compilied Quran in single book.

Ayatolla Tabatabai in his book “Quran in islam” chp 5, bab “After the Death of the Prophet” said:

Just about a year after the death of the Prophet, the war of Yamamah took place in which seventy of the reciters were killed and the Caliphs conceived the idea of collecting the different chapters and verses into one volume. They feared that should a future battle take place and the rest of the qurra ‘ be killed, the whole Qur’an would disappear with them.
Thus, on the orders of the Caliph, a group of the qurra’ from amongst the companions including Zayd ibn Thabit, collected the chapters and verses (written on tablets, bones and date palm fronds and kept in the Prophet’s house or the houses of reciters), and produced several hand-written copies of the complete Book. They then sent copies of this compilation to all areas of the Muslim domain.
After a time, during the rule of the third Caliph, it came to the attention of the Caliph himself that differences and inconsistencies were appearing in the copying down of the Qur’an; some calligraphers lacked precision in their writing and some reciters were not accurate in their recitation.
Since the word of God seemed threatened with alteration, the Caliph ordered that five of the qurra’ from amongst the companions, (one of them being Zayd ibn Thabit who had compiled the first volume), produce other copies from the first volume which had been prepared on the orders of the first Caliph and which had been kept with Hafsah, the wife of the Prophet and daughter of the second Caliph.
The other copies, already in the hands of Muslims in other areas, were collected and sent to Medina where, on orders of the Caliph, they were burnt (or, according to some historians, were destroyed by boiling). Thus several copies were made, one being kept in Medina, one in Mecca, and one each sent to Sham (a territory now divided into Syria, Lebanon, Palestine and Jordan), Kufa and Basra.
It is said that beside these five, one copy was also sent to Yemen and one to Bahran. These copies were called the Imam copies and served as original for all future copies. The only difference of order between these copies and the first volume was that the chapters “Spirits of War” and “Immun- ity” were written in one place between “The Heights” and “Jonah.”