Exposing Ali ibn Yunus al-Amuli

Salam alaikum.

Recently i was browsing book “as-Siratal mustaqim” by Ali ibn Yunus al-Amuli, better knows as Zaynuddin al-Beyadhi (d 877).

In volume #1, p 210 he said:

نقل مالك بن أنس أخبارا جمة في فضائل علي وكان يفضله على أولي العزم من الأنبياء فرمي بالغلو لذلك

“Malik ibn Anas narrated a lot of narrations about merits of Ali, and (he) use to put Ali upon ulul-azm prophets, and due to that he was accused in quluw”

Praise to Allah book of imam Malik is still with moslems, Praise to Allah we have a lot of works of top maliki scholars that have been published.

And i challenge anyone from shias, to present a single proof from those books, that imam Malik ibn Anas  put  sayidina Ali (may Allah be pleased with them) upon anyone from ulul-azm prophets!