Ugly fatwa from Muhammad Sadiq ar-Ruhani

Folks, you are about to uncover the best kept secret among married Shi’a couples. It is a Fatwa issued by The Grand Ayatush-Shaytan Muhammad Sadiq al-Ruhani, as shown in his own website, with the link provided for your examination. Check it out now, before they delete it as usual

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Here’s the translation:
What would the ruling be for the wife to insert something into the husband’s a**s during foreplay, is it permissible or forbidden? Would it invalidate the marriage, and (sets the ground for) separation as (the case with) homosexuality?
In His Glorified Names:
If it was with the husband’s consent, it is lawful. (As such) it cannot be likened to a homosexual (act).

Allahu Akbar !! I was always wondering why Shi’a men, especially their Grand Rabbis walk like the duck. efff, bunch of faggots.

ps. By respected brother al-Hajjaj.