Exposing liar Tijani

Salam alaikum wa rahmatullah wa barakatu.

In this post i would show some clear examples of lie from Muhammad at-Tijani as-Samawi shining star of modern shia religion.

In his book “All Solutions are with the Prophet’s Progeny” author said:

May Allah have mercy on the martyr Muhammad Baqir as-Sadr who helped me much in this calamity when I asked him before my converting a Shia. He said to me, “The beating of bodies and shedding of bloods that you see is from the practices of ordinary and ignorant people. No one of the ulama ever practices it. In fact, they always prevent and prohibit it.

See chapter “Every day is Ashura…”, page 139.

Now let us together look at some fatwas from top shia scholars, where they clearly allow beating of the bodies and shedding blood in the ashura.

First fatwa from Muhammad Sadiq ar-Ruhani:

Question: Is beating the breasts and self-flagellation in mourning ceremonies that may cause bruising or bleeding permissible؟

Answer: Yes, it is permissible


Second fatwa from Muhammad Shirazi.


Is the practice of TATBIR, hitting one’s head by sword to cause bleeding, allowed in Islam?

Are there any other Marje’, alongside Grand Ayatollah Imam Muhammad Shirazi, who considers TATBIR as Halal in Islam or even MUSTAHAB?

There are people who do TATBIR on Ashura in Bahrain , is it practiced anywhere else in the Muslim world?


Practicing TATBIR is highly encouraged by Islam, as can be seen from the decrees of the most prominent MARAJE’ of Islam.  Ayatollah al-Udhma Imam Muhammad Shirazi is not the only one who has allowed the Sha’a’er al-Hussaini, but in fact all of the most prominent MARAJE’ have also allowed these.

If you wish to see the list of some of the names of the most eminent Ulema and Maraje’ who allow TATBIR click.

It should be interesting for you to know that TATBIR is not only practiced in Bahrain, but it is also practiced in many countries around the world such as Saudi Arabia – al-Ihsaa’, Kuwait, Iraq, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Iran, Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, India, Pakistan, Australia, the United Kingdom, the Scandinavian countries, United States of America and Canada.


Here screenshot:


And i would like to end it by two links from official site of ayatolla Shirazi. In these two links u can find fatwas from most prominent scholars of shia in 20-th century, where they clearly allowed self-torture during ashura.

LINK #1. LINK #2

As it now crystal clear for us, Muhammad Tijani simply lied in his book, when claimed that shia scholars prohibited practise of self-torture.

Amazing is that, Tijani in his other book refuted himself. In his book “Then i was guided” in chapter “Meeting with al-Sayyin Muhammad Baqir Sadr”, Tijani said:

I asked, with reference to our master al-Husayn, may Allah’s blessings be upon him, “Why do the Shia cry and beat their cheeks and other parts of their bodies until blood is spilt, and this is prohibited in Islam, for the Prophet (saw) said: He who beats the cheeks, tears the pockets and follows the call of al-Jahiliyyah is not one of us.”

Al-Sayyid replied, The saying is correct and there is no doubt about it, but it does not apply to the obsequies of Abu Abdullah, for he who calls for the avenging of al-Husayn and follows his path, his call is not of the Jahiliyyah. Besides, the Shias are only human beings, among them you find the learned and not so learned, and they have feelings and emotions. If they are overcome by their emotions during the anniversary of the martyrdom of Abu Abdullah, and remember what happened to him, his family and his companions from degradation to captivity and then finally murder, then they will be rewarded for their good intentions, because all these intentions are for the sake of Allah. Allah – praise be to Him, the Highest – who rewards people according to their intentions.

So, as we can see Tijani here asking Sadr why shias are cry and beat their body in ashura. And we can see Sadr trying to justify these acts by saying, that prohibiting of self-torture:  does not apply to the obsequies of Abu Abdullah.

So where they say truth, and where they have lied?


I think that liar here Muhammad Tijani, because this shia in one of his first book clearly noticed that Sadr tried to justify ugly practise of tatbir, and in later one he claims that Sadr said it’s prohibited in accordance to shia scholars.

Wa Allahu Alam.