Shia shaykh Abbas Qummi: Suyuti embraced shia faith

Salam alaikum wa rahmatullah.

Indeed there is no limit in the mencadious claims and allegations of shia scholars.

In his book “Hadiatul ahbab” shia shaykh Abbas Qummi quoted al-Amir Bahaudin al-Mukhtar, which quoted Sayed Ali Khan ash-Shirazi, that as-Suyuti turned from mazhab of imam ash-Shafei to shia mazhab. Sayed (Ali Khan Ash-Shirazi) said: I seen book from work of Suyuti, where he stated that he returned to truth, and istidlal on imamate of Ali (alaihi salam) without pause right after prophet (sallalahu alaihi wa ala alihi wa sallam).

Funny, isn’t it?  We have already seen when Abdulhusain in his famous epistles,  named al-Hakim shia. And whoever read “Mostadrak” could understand, that even if there was tashayu in al-Hakim (rahimuhullah), he was far away from modern so called shias, which clearly accuse shaykhan in kufr. Al-Hakim in his book dedicated full chapters to merits of shaykhan. And we seen when al-Amuli accused imam Malik in tafdel Ali upon ulul-azm prophets.

Now they claim that As-Suyuti was shia! What next? Muhammad ibn Abdul-Wahab was shia?