Clear takfir of all moslems from book of ibn Babaveyh al-Qummi

Ibn Babaveyh al-Qummi, shaykh as-Saduq in his “Amali” (3rd Council, p.19, Narration 6) narrated:


حـدثـنـا مـحـمد بن علي (رحمه اللّه ), عن عمه محمد بن ابي القاسم , عن محمد بن علي الكوفي , عن محمد بن سنان , عن زياد بن المنذر, عن سعيد بن جبير, عن ابن عباس , قال : قال رسول اللّه (صـلـى اللّه عـلـيه وآله ): المخالف على علي بن ابي طالب بعدي كافر, والمشرك به مشرك , والـمـحـب له مؤمن , والمبغض له منافق ,والمقتفي لا ثره لاحق , والمحارب له مارق , والراد عليه زاهق , علي نور اللّه في بلاده ,وحجته على عباد, علي سيف اللّه على اعدائه , ووارث علم انبيائه , عـلـي كـلـمـة اللّه الـعـلـيا, وكلمة اعدائه السفلى , علي سيد الاوصيا, ووصي سيد الانبيا, علي امـيـرالـمـؤمـنـيـن , وقـائد الـغـر الـمـحـجـلـيـن , وامـام المسلمين , لا يقبل اللّه الايمان الا بولايته وطاعته

Narrated Muhammad bin Ali [rahimahullah] from his uncle Muhammad bin Abil-Qasim, from Muhammad bin Ali al-Kufi, from Muhammad bin Sinaan, from Ziyad bin al-Munthir, from Sa’eed bin Jubair, from Ibn Abbas said: The Messenger [sallalahu alaihi wa ala alihi wa sallam] said: He who disputes with Ali bin Abi talib [alaihi salam] after me is a Kafir and he who joins someone with him is a Polytheist. He who loves him is a believer, and he who hates him is a hypocrite. He who follows him is a follower, and who fights him is an apostate, and who rejects him will perish. Ali is the Light of Allah in His earth and His proof on His servants. Ali is the sword of Allah against His enemies, and the inheritor of the knowledge of His Prophets. Ali is the Upper Word of Allah, and the word of his enemies is the lower. Ali is the Master of the Appointees (Awsiya), and the Appointee of the Master of Prophets. Ali is the Chief of Believers (Amirul-Mu’mineen), leader of “al-Ghurr al-Muhajjalin” and the Imam of all Muslims, Allah does not accept the faith but by accepting his Walayah and (full) obediance to him.”


Disscussion: It is very clear from this narration, according to the Shi’ites, that the Companions of the Apostle of Allah and all AhluSunnah wal Jamaa’ah, are Kafir polytheists. It is worthy of note here, how Ali is elevated to the status of Allah ], that if you joined an Imam beside him, it is equal to joining another god beside Allah. The fabrication of this narration and thousands others are clear, specially for those who read Arabic and can distinguish between the Prophet’s style of talk and the Persian Zoroastrian who tries to immitate him.