Rafidah are worst among jins

Salam alaikum.

Dr. Sulayman al-Ashqar in his book “World of the jinn and devils” wrote:

The famous scholar of hadih, al-Amash said, “A jinn appeared among us. I said to him, “What is your favorite food?” He said, “Rice”. We brought some to him and i would see the spoon go up and down but couldn’t see anyone. I said, “Do you also have people of desires (and innovation) amon you like what we have?” He said, “Yes”. I said, “What is the situation of the rafidha among you”. He said, “They are the worst of us”. After recording the above story, ibn Kathir wrote, “I presented its chain to our teacher Abu Al-Hajjaj al-Mizzi. He said, “The chain authentic back to al-Amash”.

Source: “World of the jinn and devils” p 12, published by al-Bashir.