Death of Aisha (may Allah be pleased with her)

Salam alaikum.

Shia as a proffesional liars spreading materials as if sayidina Aisha (r.a) was killed by Moawiyah (r.a) by getting into the ditch.May Allah disfigure all rafidha in this world as they are going to be in hereafter!

Here is the narration which answer to that iftira (in Arabic). I got an English translation, but slightly edited it:

Narrated Ibn Abu Mulaika:

Ibn ‘Abbas asked permission to visit Aisha before her death, and at that time she was in a state of agony (the Arabic word used is Maghlouba). She then said: “I am afraid that he [came here to] praise me“.

It was said to her: “He is the cousin of Allah’s Apostle and one of the prominent Muslims” Then she said: “Allow him to enter.”

[When he entered] he said: “How are you?

She replied: “I am Alright if I fear (Allah) (the Arabic is Bekhayr in Itaqayt)

Ibn Abbas said, “Then you are Alright by the Will of Allah, you are the wife of Allah’s Apostle and he did not marry any virgin except you and proof of your innocence was revealed from the Heaven” Later on Ibn Az-Zubair entered after him and ‘Aisha said to him, “Ibn ‘Abbas came to me and praised me greatly, but I wish that I was a thing forgotten and out of sight.

In the narration in Musnad Al-Imam Ahmad, authenticated by Shaykh Ahmad Shakir, it states:

He said: Ibn Abbas asked permission to visit her as she was dying. [She did not wish to allow him at first, so] she was told: O Mother, Verily, Ibn Abbas is one of your righteous sons, and came to greet you and (give you farewell?). So she said: Then allow him if you wish.

Ibn Abbas [May Allah be pleased with him] was allowed to enter. He said: Glad-tidings my mother, the only thing between you and meeting Muhammad Prayers and Peace of Allah upon him, and the loved ones [in another narration it adds ‘and for that tiredness and aching to go away’] is for your soul to leave your body. You were his most beloved wife, and verily he did not love except that which is pleasant and righteous … he mentions many other of her virtues, and adds that her innocence had been proclaimed in the Quran, so you would not find a Masjid were Allah is being mentioned except that these verses would be recited day and night.
She said: Leave me alone O Ibn Abbas, By [Allah] who my soul is in His Hands, I wish I was something forgotten.

فرضي الله عنها وأرضاها ولعن من أبغضها وعاداها

[2] So knowing these authentic tradition that describes the time right before her death, I do not know how a Muslim would ask or even affiirm such a thing as she dying and being buried in a ditch dug for her by Mu’awiya [May Allah be pleased with him].

[3] The narration of that ditch in itself is so retarded that even without knowing this specific authentic tradition, one can affirm that it is a fabricated lie…. I wanted to add something else, but noticed I have been rambling on for too long, so I will just leave it at that … and in what our respected brothers and sisters wrote for you is what should be sufficient for you
PS. Thanks to brother al-Misri.