Shia’s View of the Sunnis

Shia’s 6th Imam, Abu Abdallah has been quoted by Shia narrators as saying: “The Nasibi (Shia use this term to refer to a Sunni) is worse than the Jew. It was said: And how is that so, O son of the Messenger of Allah? He said: The Jew denied the status of Prophethood (of Prophet Mohammad), while the Nasibi denied the status of Al-Imamah.” (Al-Naafi’ Yawmal-Hashr: Jamaalud-Din al-Suyuri, p.42)

Shia Scholar Mohammed bin Al-Hassan Toosi reports on the authority of Ishhaq bin Ammar, that Abu Abdullah said “The wealth, the property and everything which belongs to a Sunni is actually yours (is legal for you)” (Tahzib-ul Ahkam, Vol. 2 Kitabul Makasib, p. 116, published in Iran) above in this Shi’ites book it states that all Shi’ites can steal from any Sunni Muslim and that there is nothing wrong with that.

Shia Scholar Moallah Khonas reported that Abdullah said “snatch the possessions of a Sunni wherever you find it and hand over my share (ie. One fifth) to me” (Tahzib ul Ahkam).

The Shi’ites narrate regarding Sunni Muslims “Although Allah, the Exalted, has not created a creature worse than a dog, yet a Nasibi (Sunni) is worse than even a dog.” (Haqqul Yakeen (Persian) Vol. 2, p. 516) Here the Shi’ites have said that Sunni Muslims are worse than Dogs!

The Shi’ites say that we will never go to Paradise! “It is contained in several sources of information that they, (Imams of Shias) said: ‘Every if every angel that Allah, the Exalted and Gracious, has created, every prophet that Allah has appointed, every truthful martyr, (collectively) pray to Allah, the Exalted and Gracious, to release a Nasibi (a Sunni) from the Hell, Allah would never release him.” (Haqqul-Yaqeen, (Arabic), Vol. 2, p. 192)

This is what the Shi’ites say what will happen when their so-called Imam Mahdi will return “When Qaem (Imam Mahdi) appears, he will start slaughtering Sunnis and their Sunni Scholars before slaughtering the infidels (kaffar).” (Haqqul Yaqeen Vol 2, p. 527) By the term “Qaem”, the Shi’ites mean Imam Mahdi, their twelfth Imam. So, here the Shi’ites state that we are not Muslims, and that we are worse than the infidels (kuffar)

The following Shia narrations shed light on the importance of accepting Shia’s Imamate doctrine and the consequences of not doing so:

Muhammad bin Ali narrated from his uncle Muhammad bin Abil-Qasim, from Muhammad bin Ali al-Kufi, from Muhammad bin Sinaan, from Ziyad bin al-Munthir, from Sa’eed bin Jubair, from Ibn Abbas said: The Messenger [pbuh] said:
“He who disputes with Ali bin Abi Talib [as] after me is a Kafir and he who joins someone against him (Ali) is a Polytheist. He who loves him (Ali) is a believer, and he who hates him is a hypocrite. He who follows him (Ali) is a follower, and who fights him is an apostate, and who rejects him will perish. Ali is the Light of Allah in His earth and His proof on His servants. Ali is the sword of Allah against His enemies, and the inheritor of the knowledge of His Prophets. Ali is the Upper Word of Allah, and the word of his enemies is the lower. Ali is the Master of the Appointees (Awsiya), and the Appointee of the Master of Prophets. Ali is the Prince of Believers (Amir-ul-Mu’mineen), leader of “al-Ghurr al-Muhajjalin” and the Imam of all Muslims, Allah does not accept the faith except of those who accept his (Ali’s) Wilayah and declare allegiance to him.” (Al-Amaali: Ibn Babawaih Al-Qummi, 3rd Council, p.19, Narration 6)