Nematullah Jazairi: Reports about tahrif are mutawater

Salam alaikum.

Book: Al-Anwar Al-Nu’maniya (Al-anwaar Al-nu’maniyyah) 2/357-358
: Al-Sayid Ni’mat Allah Al-Jazaeri (died 1112H)

“Thirdly: To accept that it (i.e. the Quran) has been [authentically] transmitted [in the way of] tawatur from Divine Revelation and that all [what is in it] was revealed by Al-Rooh Al-Ameen (i.e. Jibreal [‘Alaihi Al-Salam]) would lead to discarding the multitude of reports, rather those [reports] which arrived to us through tawatur, and [which] clearly indicate the occurrence of Tahreef in the Quran in Words, material, and grammar. Our companions May Allah be pleased with them have even firmly agreed to [the] authenticity [of these reports] and believed in it
Yes, Al-Murtada, Al-Saduq, and Al-Shaykh At-Tabrasi disputed in this and ruled that everything between the two covers of the Mushaf is a revealed Quran and nothing else, and [that] it was neither subject to any Tahreef or Tabdeel.
[That is how] our Shaykh at-Tabrasi was able to specify the verses of the Quran and [number of] its chapters; He narrated from the Prophet [Prayers of Allah on him and his household] that the Surahs of the Quran are 114 Surahs, and that the number of verses is 6,236 verse; and that its letters are 321,250 letters.
What appears though, is that [they went to] this view of theirs due to many benefits [they saw], such as blocking the door to attacking it (i.e. the mazhab). Since if such a thing (i.e. Tahreef) was permissible in the Quran then how can one act upon its principles and rulings, while it is subject to Tahreef[?]
We will get to the answer of this [soon].
How when those Nobles narrated in their books many narrations …

What kind of result could be achieve from this quote?

Narrations about tahrif in Quran, are mutawater in shia sources.


At-Tabrasi he is speaking of is Al-Fadl b. Al-Hasan Al-Tabrasi, who is different then Al-Nuri Al-Tabrasi who authored Fasl Al-Khitab, according to my research … just to avoid confusion

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