Tabatabai on tahrif

Salaam alaikum.

This famous shia commentator said:

وبالجملة الذي تدل عليه هذه الروايات أن الموجود فيما بين الدفتين من القرآن هو كلام الله تعالى ، فلم يزد فيه شيء ، ولم يتغير منه شيء ، وأما النقص فإنها لا تفي بنفيه نفيا قطعيا

All in all, what these narrative sources prove is that whatever is present between the two covers of the printed Qur’an is the Word of Allah. Nothing has been added to it, and nothing has been tampered with therein. However, they do not prove with definiteness that some part of the text is not missing.

Tafsir al-Mizan 12/125

And he also said:

وبالجملة الروايات السابقة كما ترى آحاد محفوفة بالقرائن القطعية نافية للتحريف بالزيادة والتغيير قطعا، دون النقص إلا ظنا ، ودعوى بعضهم التواتر من حيث الجهات الثلاثة لا مستند لها

“All in all, the above narration, as you can see are narrated by individuals (not multiple narrators) which are strengthened by other corroborative evidences that definitely rules out any distortion of the Qur’anic text by addition or tampering. However there is no corroborative evidence for these individual reports that there is nothing missing from the text. Hence, the doctrine that no part o the text has been lost, is simply speculative. The claim by some that the Qur’anic text has been faultlessly preserved by numerous narrators in all three aspects (i.e. addition, tampering or subtraction of words) has no authoritative evidence.”

Tafsir al-Mizan 12/126