Allegded shia faith of Hakim and Abdurrazaq

Salam alaikum.

We have seen Abdulhussain ascribing two famous Islamic scholars Abdurrazaq and Hakim to shia faith. 1-st of all I would like to point that there is a great difference between tashayu of first generations and rafd under the shia mask these days. No doubt that both of these scholars were far from twelvers of our days, and quluw of this heretic group. It was reported from Abdurrazaq that he made takfir on rafida (1). He simply loved Ali and use to say: «By Allah, my heart has never been pleased to prefer Ali over Abu Bakr and Umar». And he also said: «I prefer two shaykhs because of fact that Ali preferred them to himself. It would be enough contempt for me to oppose Ali» (2).

As for Hakim (rahimuhullah), his book «al-Mustadrak» with chapters regarding merits of such companions like Abu Bakr, Umar, Uthman and others are enough to see reality of all vainness of modern rafidah in their attempt to describe him as the one who shared their beliefs. Dihlawi in «Bustanul muhadethen» (3) said: «Some scholars believed that the meaning of his inclination to shiism was his statement preferring Ali to Uthman, may Allah be pleased with both of them, which is a position of a group of the people of knowledge, and Allah knows best» I would be very happy if modern shias would differ with us only in such minor thing. But unfortunately in modern shia faith there is no talk about preferring someone to other, there is a doctrine of takfir of almost all companions.


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