Refuting doubt regarding ibn Sirin

Salam alaikum.

Shias use narration from “Fitan” by Nuyam ibn Khammad when they try to proof that ibn Sirin put Mahdi over some prophets.

Report says:

حدثنا ضمرة عن ابن شوذب عن محمد بن سيرين أنه ذكر فتنة تكون فقال إذا كان ذلك فاجلسوا في بيوتكم حتى تسمعوا على الناس بخير من أبي بكر وعمر رضى الله عنهما قيل يا أبا بكر خير من أبي بكر وعمر ؟ قال قد كان يفضل على بعض الأنبياء.

Sheikh Ayman bin Khalid says:

Bismillah Al-Rahman Al-Raheem,

This narration is from the way of Damra who is Ibn Rabíaa. He is thiqa but has some Munkar hadeeths while the rest of narrators after him are Thiqaat. However, Ibn Hammad – the author of the book himself – is disputed over and classified as someone who makes Mistakes and have Munkar hadeeths. So, this narration is obviously Munkar and weak because of the following reasons:

1. It contradicts the Quran and Sahih Hadeeth from the Prophet – salla Allahu A’lihi wa Sallam. And this proves the existence of Munkar parts due to the narrtors who we have discussed above.

2. Ibn Hajar Al-Hatami narrated from Ibn Sireen similar narration but instead of the word “كان” the word was “كاد”. The former means he was whereas the latter means he almost. So, either the narration in the Musanaf had a Tasheef or it is due the mistakes that its narrators did!

** The understanding of this narration, if we argue its authentic, should be that he – Al-mahdi – almost reached that level due to the fact that he will lead the Salah while I’ssa – Alihi Al-Salam – in preseence! Nevertheless, this does not actually makes him better than a Prophet.

That said, we should know that, examining narrations require examining the texts as well not just narrators.

On other note, there is another narration that is mentioned in the Musanaf of Abu Shayba from – supposingly – Ibn Sireen: يكون في هذه الأمة خليفة لا يفضل عليه أبو بكر و لا عمر

It is weak due to its discontinous chain of narrator and was transmitted through a thiqa but was shiaa!!

Wallahu A’lam