A time line of Shiite/Raafidah treasons to Islam and crimes against Muslims

The following is a brief history of the turmoils and grand events that occurred within a millennium between the Grand Fitnah against Othman Bin Affan in the first century of Hijrah and the Grand Conspiracy against the Ottomans in the 14th century of Hijrah. In this, we shall demonstrate the role of the Hypocrite Jews and their Supporters in all ages in plotting against Islam and Muslims .
(1) Early in the 1st Century (h), The second Khalifah was assasinated, as well as the third and the forth consecutively. The seeds for civil and sectarian wars were planted and the creation of the first reverted cryptic group took place, under the cover of the love of Ahl al-Bayt and the defense of their rights to government. This was accomplished due to the efforts of the hypocrite Jew Abdullah Bin Sabaa’ who claimed afterwards the Divinity of Ali, thus was the creation of the early Shiiat groups known as Saba’ism. These groups have played a dangerouse role in changing one reign with another and and forcing their creed on the people. They have pulled the carpet from under the Umayyads and stabed the Abbasites in the back and sat on the thrones of Allepo, Damascuss, Cairo and other Muslim cities and countries.

(2) In the 4th century (h), among them were numerouse grand consultants and secretaries. One of the foremost criminals was Abu Faraj Yaacob Bin Yousef Bin Killes (Jew), who had unlimited control over the people and the land during the reign of the Fatimis, al-Aziz Billah (365-385 h). This lasted until the people were fed up with the Jews’ & Christians’ control of the highest offices in the state, not to mention the intentional loss of battles with the Crusaders on the Mediterranean coasts. In fact, the governor of Askalan, who was one of them, gave up the city to the enemies with no justification, which resulted in his death when the soldiers and people revolted. This is exactly like when Syria gave up the Golan Hights to the Jews, with no justification either, in 1967. In 386 (h), al-Hakim Bi-Amrillah became the Khalifa over the Fatimis Khilafa and was extremely prejudiced to his Shii’sm and oppressive to people. His reign lasted until the year 411 (h) when he declared his divinity with the support of the jew Mustakeen al-Durzi, a group of Muslims then abducted and killed him. Durzi escaped and founded the sect Lebanon & Syria that bears his name now. The jews had and still have good relations with the Druze, and the Druze continued to offer the Israelis their services even now.

(3) In the 5th century (h), Iraq was ruled by a Shiia government known as the Buwaihi State which also governed Persia. During their reign, the jews attained the highest positions whereby they controlled the financial revenues and the political affairs, which resulted in the revolt of the people against the authorities in Iraq and the burning of the Jews’ & Shiias’ houses in 422 (h). It is a historical fact that the Buwaihis supported the Kurmutis movement with finance and weapons, and the Jews played a significant role in distributing aid and assistance to the revolutionist Kurmutis due to their position in the state.

(4) In the 7th century (h), The Shiia played a significant role in the fall of Baghdad to Holaco king of Tatars, due to to the betrayal of the Ibn al-Alkami to his Master al-Musta’sim Billah, the last Khalifa of the A bbasites. Indeed, the Fall of Baghdad is far greater in tragedy than any illustration or description. Many Muslims back then thought the Judgement Day was at hand, about 2 millions muslims were killed.

(5) In the 8th century (h), some of the Tatar Kings converted to Islam and some embraced the Shiia Religion. Among those who embraced Shiia Religion was Ghyiathuddin Khuda Muhammad who was far harsher in treatment to Muslims than his ancestors. He allied himself with the Jews and the Crusaders against the Muslims, and during his reign the Jews assumed the highest positions in Baghdad, al-Moosel and Ibn Amr Island. In that they had all the authority to oppress the Muslims in any shape or manner. Furthermore, he (Ghyathuddin) allied himself with the Pope and Kings of England and France to fight the Muslims of Ahlul Sunnah. However when his son Abu Sa’eed Bahader Khan 716 (h) (who was following Ahlul Sunnah wal-Jamaa’a unlike his father) came to power he cut all relations with the Crusaders and removed all Jews from their positions and forced all Ahl-e-Kitaab to wear a special uniform to distinguish them from Muslims. Muslims were finally at ease; their joy did not last long due to the assasination of Abu Sa’eed by the Jews in 736 (h) may Allah bestow His mercy upon him.

(6) In the 10th century (h), the Shiias had a state known as the Safawi State. Again, the Jews had attained the highest ranking positions and took a good advantage of it by instigating the Safawis to declare war on the Sunni Ottoman State. They arranged a treaty with the Portuguese who at the time were controlling the Arabian ( Persian ) Gulf and colonized Hormuz Island for use as a base for their fleet during the reign of Ismael the 1st, in the year 930 (h). Under the reign of his successor Tamasif, the relations between the Safawis and the Portuguese became even stronger and he went further into negotiations with Rome and Queen Elizabeth of England (962 h.) to enter into a ‘defense alliance’ between the Safawis and the British to declare war against the Ottomans. During his reign Ismael the 1st (995 h.) brought British experts to train his army and sought assistance of the British Fleet to conquer Bahrain, a battle that ended with the victory of the Ottomans. At the end of the Battle, the Commander of the Ottoman forces wrote to the Khalifa a report in which he said in describing the battle and the Shiia : “They are a group of hideous idiots, athiests KUZULBASH.” Kuzulbash means that they wore a distinctive red turban which differentiated them from Ahlul Sunnah. The turban was made of 12 rounds in symbolism of their sect of 12 Imams. As to the red color, it was to symolise the bloody hatred they had in their chests towards the Sunnis.

(7) In the 14th century (h), a catastrophe befell the Khilafa System, and Muslims reverted to Kufr in groups, and continue to do so until today. This is but a drop in the ocean of what the Jews and Shiia have done against Islam & Muslims throughout a 1000 year, disguising themselves falsely as Muslims when they are indeed servants to falsehood, Kufr and Athiesm. Their mission is to spread corruption and mischief in the land so the Jews can have the control over the land and its inhabitants. And the so-called Islamic sects continue to present at all times the stabs one after the other to Islam and Muslims, to this hour. Therefore, the Jews and their allies were behind the first assasination of Khalifa in Islam as well as to the fall of the last Khalifa of Islam. The Jews and their allies were behind the first political revert (riddah) in Islam as well as behind the greatest crime against Islam, when they conspired to abolish the Ottoman Khilafa in the early 20th century. The Jews were always in leadership of all groups breaking away from Islam as well as behind the religions falsely attributed to Islam. One indeed stands amazed before the history pages due to the numerouse turmoils and conspiracies sewed by the Jews and their allies of the IslaJudaic or IslaJoosism (Majoos) groups. Specially at the distruction befell the land on the hands of the evil Kurmutis , the fitan of Khurramiya, the zung revolution, the Tatar barbarism, the Isma’ilis assasinations, the Nusairis betrayals, or the Shiiat alliance with the Christians and their espinage for the Crusaders. To apoint , that the Muslim Ulama’ gave a fatwa declaring him a kafir who use any member of these groups in the defense forces, not even as watchmen. These groups at one time have caused the death of thousands of pilgrims, and removed the Black Stone from its place in Ka’bah to Bahrain. They have also caused the destruction of Basrah and its fire with other Iraqi cities. It was these groups who aided the Crusaders to colonize the Mediterranean Coasts and led them to the gates of Jerusalem. They are the ones who caused the Fall of Baghdad and the destruction of an Islamic Civilization took Muslims centuries to establish…The fire consumed all structures and the river consumed all the books that contained valuable knowledge, dead corps were all over, and the throne of Khilafa became vacant. The historians then, considered the lose of Khilafa much more greater than that of all lost materially. It was the first time in Muslims history since the death of the Prophet [pbuh] that the Grand position of Khilafa or Imam which is a Fard and a Must, becomes vacant. The situation remained as such for three and a hlaf years, as Ibn Kathir mentioned in his History. As for Ibn al-Alkami, Holaco rewarded him by leaving him in his position as Wazeer(minister), and after his death, appointed his son Al-Fadl Abu Izzideen bin Muhammad bin al-Alkami who was even much more worse than his father on Muslims than the Tatar. Although the lose in the Fall of Baghdad was severe and painful, yet it is compared light to the lose of the Khilafa in the early 20th century. For the Muslims in the former catastrophy, were able to stand on there feet within few years, while in the later…a century almost passed by and they are not up yet. The body of the Ottoman Empire was cut into pieces, and each piece into many other pieces. And Muslims became nations and countries AGREED NEVER TO AGREE AMONG ITSELVES ON ANYTHING. Their situation is going from bad to worse, from Lebanon to Golan Hights, and from Bosnia to Chechenya, to the Surrender Peace in Palestine. But the danger in the near future lies when the sides of the triangle meets in Palestine, Iran and Ethiopia. And the green light is given to the Imam Muntazar (the 12th Shiiat Imam) or the Messiah to appear. Then the black gold will turn into fire consuming everything, and the sky shall be covered by dark clouds and the land is filled by the probagation of the pupits “This is the Muntazar(awaited one), O winds of the invisible power strike, O grandsons of al-Alkami and students of IbnuSawdaa’…O Kurmutis of the 20th century and all children of the serpent….ARISE..this is your promised day” Then, and only then, the sleeping Muslims will awake to find the State of Israel is stretched from Euphrates to Nile and to find out that the Muntazar has exchanged the Shariah of Muhammad with that of David a s mentioned in Usool al-Kaafi. On that day the Jaws of the pliers can close up on Muslims…the grandsons of the Majoos in the east, and the children of the serpent, west, to have the Serpent of Moses bite them a bite never arise after it unless Allah wills it. On that day “Jehova will cease crying…and will accept no excuse of any nation who did not aid the Jews except of IRAN and Ethiopia” as mentioned in the Talmud. But what really thrills the heart, is that Allah [SWT] is watchful and nothing is hidden from Him. For in the same year Baghdad fell (656 h), Othman Artogrul, founder of the Ottoman Khilafa, was born, which lasted for more than 6 centuries and took revenge for the honor of Islam and Muslims, and have carried the Banner of Islam to East and West, and broke the banners of the crusaders and the Shiia…all by the planning of All Wise the Exalted in Might. But the Da’wah, despite all the grave lost, and the convoys of martyrs, continued and the light of Islam shone in many parts of the world, and new young faces surfacing up among the new Islamic generation making covenant with Allah to go forward on the path of martyrdom until victory. Allah says in Quran :”Do those who practice evil think that they will outstrip us? Evil is their Judgment” “Allah has decreed : It is I and My messengers who must prevail, for Allah is Strong, Mighty” .