Takfir on Aisha (r.a)

This is a shia book titled : Forty [proofs] on the Imaamate of our Pure Imaams.

It says :

The 40th Proof :
What has been narrated of the disgrace on the enemies of the Ahlu-Bayt :
from what proves the leadership of our twelve imaams : is ‘Aisha the Kaafira [the disbeliever], the one who deserves the fire.
This is incumbent and imperative for our sect, and our twelve imaams.
This is because whoever said [and believed] in the khilaafa of the three [Abu Bakr, ‘Umar & Uthmaan] ; believes in her [having] ‘Eeman [belief],and her glorification,and in holding her in high esteem.
And whoever believes in the twelve imaams ; says [holds as his creed] that she is deserving of the fire…”

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