Challenge #2

All praise to Allah.

More than 3 months passed after our first challenge, and shias failed to give any answer to it.

Now it’s time for second challenge.

It’s well known fact between shias that Ali (r.a) was born in Kaaba.

I would like to ask anyone from shias to present us single authentic hadith where stated that Ali (r.a) was born in Kaaba.

1) Hadith should be posted translation along with arabic text, full chain and direct reference to known and well accepted sunni book. Such “sunni” books like “Sharh nahjul balagha”, “Yanabil mawadda” and etc, are not acceptable.

2) The claimer, and here shias are going to be claimer, should do home work. That’s mean he should post brief info on each narrator from known sunni scholar, known sunni book.

Ya Allah madad!

2011:03 [Time Expired; Shias failed the challenge]

5 thoughts on “Challenge #2

  1. The challenge is stupid. yes there no sahih hadith about ali(as) being born inside kaaba but history doesn’t require a sahih hadith all the time and a weak hadith can be hujja in history if it’s confirmed through different chains of narrators.

    but even if accpet that no sahih hadith confirms the birth of ali(as) inside kaba then we the shia have such hadiths so when we say he’s born inside kaba we rely on our hadiths not sunni hadiths.

    secondly where did u see any shia claiming that there’s sahih hadith in sunni books about ali’s birth inside kaba so the challenge is pathetic.

    • Praise to Allah for this confession that there is no saheeh hadith about that. We simple Muslims doesn’t base our beliefs on false statements, so without authentic proof we can say that we do believe that Ali was born inside of Kaaba, and most likely it’s another fairy tale from shias.
      But just wonder, you said that shiaa do have such authentic hadith. Could you share with us?

  2. Shias whole deen is dependent on History.

    Shias first tells that Ali(RA)was born in Kabah, then they proof that Ali(RA) is superior to all prophets except prophet Mohammad(sallallahu alaihi wasallam)

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