Ijma in issue of takfir

Imam Abu Saad Sam’ani al-Shafi (d: 498H / may Allah have mercy on him) has quoted Ijma on the takfir of Isna Asharis in his Kitab-al-Ansab.

He writes,

واجتمعت الامة على تكفير الامامية لانهم يعتقدون تضليل
الصحابة وينكرون إجماعهم وينسبونهم إلى مالا يليق بهم

The Ummah has a consensus (ijma) on the takfir of the Imamiyah, because they believe the Companions are misguided, they reject their consensus and they attribute to them that which does not befit them.”

[Al-Ansab, vol.3 p.188]

This scholar wasn’t wahabi or salafi or saudi.  He was known imam in shafei school.

Mullah ‘Alee Ibn Sultaan al-Qaaree al-Hanafi (d.1014H) said:

“As for whoever reviles one of the Companions, then he is a disobedient sinner and an innovator by consensus (ijmaa’), except if he believes this to be, permissible, as some of the Shee’ah and their companions do; or if they believe that he is rewarded for it as is persistent in their speech, or he believes in the disbelief of the Companions and Ahlus-Sunnah, then he is a disbeliever by consensus.”

[Refer to Shammul-‘Awaaridh fee Dhammir-Rawaafid (p. 6) of ‘Alee al-Qaaree and it is in manuscript form]

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