M.S.Roohani: It’s ok to marry prostitute

This shia scholar issued very perverted fatwa, what else could be expected from him?!

QUESTION: Is it possible to do Mutah(temporary Marriage contracts) with women who clearly and publicly say that They want want to sleep with the Man straight away? And that they are Famous Prostitutes and fornicators however we inform them that Mutah marriage is Different than Zinah and that it’s a lawful Islamic marriage?

ANSWER: Bism allah al rahman al raheem,
It is permissible to make Mutah with the Prostitute and fornicating woman under the condition that she isn’t in her “Iddah” period, like if she slept with a Man after making a temporary contract and then they separated without Contradicting the “Iddah” .



ps. Contributed by brother TripolySunni