Shia attitude towards companions

Rabi rafidit Muhamad at-Tavsirkani in his book “Lelail akhbar” 4/92 wrote:

“And know that the most suitable place, and condition for cursing them, may Allah curse them, is a time when you in the toilet. Repeat after each time that you piss, bawling, or cleaning after that: “O Allah curse Umar, then Abu Bakr, after Umar, then Usman, then Umar, then Muawiya, then Umar, then Yazeed, then Umar, then Ibn Ziyad, then Umar, then ibn Sad and Umar, then Shimr then Umar, then Askara (Aisha) and Umar. O Allah curse Aisha, Hafsa, Hinda, Ummul Hakam. And curse each one who satysfied with their deeds till the dooms day”.