Verdicts of early Imams on rafidah

Verdicts of early Imams

“Imam Muhammad bin Yusuf Faryabi was asked about the individual that abuses Abu Bakr? He replied, ‘Kafir’. He was asked, ‘should we read his janazah Salat?’ He replied, ‘no’. He was asked ‘what should be done with him because he declares ‘laa ilaha il Allahu’? He replied, ‘Don’t touch him with your hands, and push him into his grave with a pole’.” (Sunnah lil-Khilaal, 2:566)

“Harb mentions that Muhammad bin ‘Abd al-Rahman Al-Jufi narrates that Hussain bin Ali narrates from Hani bin Ayyub that he asked Muharib bin Disaar concerning backbiting the Rawafid . He mentioned (sarcastically) ‘they are a very truthful nation’. Hussein mentions that it seems that he saw no problem with backbiting the Rawafid.” (Sunnah lil-Khilaal, 3:495)

“Similarly, Abu Bakr bin Hani has mentioned, ‘the slaughtered animal of the Qadariyyah and the Rawafid are not to be eaten as the slaughtered animal of any Murtad (apostate) with the fact that the slaughtered animal of the people of the book because they take the position of an apostate whereas the People of the Book who live in Islamic lands remain practicing on their religions and they pay jizya.” (Sunnah lil-Khilaal, 3:495)

“Imam Ahmad bin Yunus said, ‘If a Jew was to sacrifice a lamb and a Rafidi were to sacrifice, I would surely eat the sacrifice of the Jew. And I would not eat the sacrifice of the Rafidi because he is an apostate from Islam’.” (Al-Sarim al-Maslul, p.570)