Finding real father, puzzle answered by al-Khoie

Question 46: Woman alleged that she reach the state of menopause, or signs of menopause were clear on her, and she became content and did deeds of menopause female, then she married temporarily to someone, after some time she married temporarily to another person, after some time she married temporarily to third person, and after this repeated marriage she became pregnant, so in the given case who is the father of the child? And can we rely on casting a lot in such case or not?

Al-Khoei: In the imposed case: As the first relation was cut of from the mentioned woman so the child cannot be related to him (first man), and if the first contract and the second all of them were in same period as the first one, then all contracts become void, and their intercourse would be based on suspicion, and upon this the child would be related to either of them, and it will authorized to conduct casting lot between them, and if all contracts were after completion of period, then all of them are correct and the child will be related to the third person.