Sorts of nawaseeb

Shia sheikh Muhammad Hasan an-Najafi al-Jawhari in his book “Jawaher al-kalam” (vol 6, p 66) quoted other shia scholar saying:

“أن الناصب يطلق على خمسة أوجه: الخارجي القادح في علي (ع)، الثاني ما ينسب إلى أحدهم (عليهم السلام) ما يسقط العدالة، الثالث من ينكر فضيلتهم لو سمعها، الرابع من اعتقد فضيلة غير علي (ع)، الخامس من أنكر النص على علي (ع) بعد سماعه أو وصوله إليه بوجه يصدقه

The Nasibi title is designated (for a person) over five reasons: For a Khariji who criticizes Ali (as); Secondly for he who attributes something that invalidates uprightness (adala) to any of the Imams, Thirdly, for he who denies a virtue of theirs when he heard it; Fourthly, for one who believes in the superiority of someone other than Ali (over him); Fifthly, he who denied the report of explicit election of Ali after hearing it or its reaching to him in a manner that allows him to confirm it”.