Fatwas from Sistani

Posted and translated by brother Umar, I just edited some comments.


Name: Hussein .A
Country: Iraqi living in Kuwait
Age: 23
Sex: Male
Subject: Mut’ah marriage…is it allowed to kill.

Master al-Sistani may Allah give you long age, I have little embarrassing question…I wish you reply to me as fast as possible because I am in a very bad mood. A week ago one night I went to my house, where I live along with my sister. And when I entered the house, heard some noise in one of the rooms where no one lives. And when I opened the door I saw my sister with a stranger whom I recognised to be a ‘Sayed’ (black turbaned aka Ayatullah), I shouted upon him and caught him and beat him severely. He told me “I am married to your sister in mut’ah, so what do you want”. I then beat my sister and locked her in room till this day, and as for that Sayed I wanted to slaughter him with knife, so I locked him in room and went to bring knife but when I returned, I found that he escaped from the window. And now I have his address, so can I kill him or what should I do?

In his name the exalted.
You have no authority over your sister even if she comes with haram act (adultery). It is not permissible for you to beat or imprison her except if your Marj’i3 (religious authority a rafidi does taqleed of) gives you permission. Regarding the sayed as per his saying he did not do any haram, and even if he did haram you have no authority to implement ‘hadd’ upon him.




Question 3:
What is meant by the word ‘Al-Tamatu fi Umra’ or ‘Hajj Tamatu’?
It means deeds which include permissibility of al-mut’ah with women during its period.

Comment: Obviously this so called Islamic scholar has no idea about what does it mean haj-tamattu!



Question 371:
What is the limit of awra for a man infront of his mahrams, like his mother and his maternal aunts and paternal aunts except his wives?
What is the limit of awra for a woman infront of her mahrams, like her father and brother except her husband?
What is the limit of awra for a man in front of another man?
What is the limit of awra for a woman in front of another woman?

Awra of a man is his penis and testicles and anus ring, and awra of a woman is her vagina and anus ring, and there is no difference if he is infront of same sex or opposite sex, stranger or others, yes a woman must cover parts tha arouse sexual desire from other than her husband?

Comments: Allahu Akbar! What about covering breasts? That’s not necessary for women?