Awrah (private part) of non-moslem

Al-Hurr al-Amili in his “Wasailu shia” narrated with chain till imam Abu Abdullah:

“Watching at the private part of non-moslem alike watching at private part of donkey”.


First of all I should notice that chain of hadith seems perfect in accordance to shia norms. Muhammad ibn Yaqub, that’s should be Kulayni, Ali ibn Ibrahim, that famous shia scholar author of commentary, Ibrahim ibn Hashim his father is upright. Ibn Abu Umeyrah is also upright, and his marasel should be accepted in shia world.

What kind of conclusion can we achieve from this shia narration?  There is an necessary question, does looking at private part of donkey is prohibited in shia religion? I never seen such prohibition in any from their books. So obviously shia imam said, that it’s not prohibited to look at private parts of non-moslem. Why am I saying shia imam, because we know that aimma from family of prophet (sallalahu alaihi wa ala alihi wa sallam) were far from such filthy statements. Indeed as our shaykh once said, there are two Jafars in this world, one is sunni, pious imam from progeny of last prophet (sallalahu alaihi wa ala alihi wa sallam), and other one shia imam, to whom these heretics ascribed a lot of inappropriate things.

Another conclusion from this hadis is, permissibility to shias to watch adult or porn films with non-moslem actors involved.

Praise to Allah that He save us from filth of rafd.