Exposing shia liars from AA site

Salam alaikum.

May Allah bless all brothers and sisters which are behind site http://www.sunnidefense.com.

I’d like to make my little contribution to their perfect work.

Liars from answering ansar site, wrote:

One of the beloved scholars of Salafies/Wahabies namely Hassan bin Farhan al-Maliki records in his book Naho Enqad al-Tarikh

And by Allah, they lied as usual! They lied as their forefathers, shuyukh and scholars use to lie during centuries.

al-Hasan ibn Farhan al-Maliki wrote complete book dedicated to criticism of shaykh Muhammad ibn Abdulwahab at-Tamimi. That book called “Daiatun wa laysa nabian”.

So who, if not an ardent liar, would say that this al-Maliki is one of the beloved scholars of Salafies/Wahabies?!!

Laanatullahi alal kadhibin!

This Hasan al-Maliki was crushed by modern scholars of Saudia.


And here you can see this ibn Farhan al-Maliki with his faithful brothers.