Ayatullah Abu Alfathel Alburqai

Salam alaikum.

His full name is: Abulfadhal the son of Al-Hasan the son of Hijjat Al-Islam Al-Sayyid Ahmed the son of Ridha Al-Deen the son of Al-Sayyid Yahya the son of Mirza Meeran the son of Yahya the son of Meer Muhsin the son of Meer Ridha Al-Deen the son of Al-Sayyid Muhamed the son of Meer Fakhr Al-Deen the son of Meer Hussain the son of Badshah the son of Meer Abu Al-Qasim the son of Meerah the son of Abu Al-Fadhal the son of Bindaar the son of Isa the son of Abi Jaffar Muhamed the son of Abu Al-Qasim the son of Ali the son of Ali Muhamed the son of Ahmed the son of Muhamed the lame the son of Al-Sayyid Ahmed the son of Mousa Al-Mubarqi’e the son of Al-Imam Muhamed Al-Taqi the son of Al-Imam Ali bin Mousa Al-Ridha the son of Al-Imam Mousa bin Jaffar Al-Khadhim the son of Al-Imam Jaffar bin Muhamed Al-Saddiq the son of Al-Imam Muhamed bin Ali Al-Baqir the son of Al-Imam Ali bin Al-Hussain Zaynul A’abideen the son of Al-Imam Al-Hussain bin Ali bin Abi Talib the son of Al-Imam Ali bin Abi Talib, may Allah be pleased at them all.

He was nicknamed Al-Burqu’ei in relation to his grandfather Al-Sayyid Mousa Al-Mubarqa’a.

His Quest for Knowledge:

Ayatullah Al-Uthma Abu Al-Fadhl Al-Barqa’ei sought knowledge from the following scholars:

– Al-Sheikh Abdul Kareem Al-Ha’eiri Al-Yazdi,

– Ayatullah Hujjat Koh Kamrah,

– Ayatullah Al-Sayyid Abul Hassan Al-Esfihani,

– Al-Haaj Al-Sheikh Muhamed Ali Al-Qummi,

– Mirza Muhamed Al-Samera’ei,

– Al-Haaj Al-Shiekh Abdul Nabi Al-A’araki,

– Al-Qassim Al-Kabeer Al-Qummi,

– Ayatullah Shah A’abadi, and many other scholars

The Phenomenon of Ayatullah Al-Barqa’ei:

In matter of fact, Al-Barqa’ei, may Allah have mercy on his soul, was part of a phenomenon that we need to understand and try to spread and adopt. This phenomenon that we are talking about is the guidance of some Shia scholars to Islam and their realization of the falsehood of their previous sect. Al-Barqa’ei mentioned in his book “The Destruction of the Idol” or “Kasr Al-Sanam” that he was influenced by Mustafa Tabteba’ei. Tabteba’ei had graduated from the Shia schools in Qumm, the holy Shia city, reached the degree of Ijtihad – the right to deduce fatwas from Sharia – , and then left Shiasim. Other prominent Shias who left Shiasim include but not limited to the following:

– Dr. Ali Muthfarian who was a surgeon and left Shiasim to become the prayer Imam for Ahl Al-Sunnah mosque in Shiraz,

– Mousa Al-Mosavi who resolved on correcting the path of Shiasim and in the process wrote many books including: Shiasim and Correction (Al-Shia wa Al-Tasheeh), O’ Shia of the World, Wake up (Ya Shiat Al-A’alam, Estayqathou), The Miserable Revolution (Al-Thawrah Al-Ba’eisah), and many other books.

– Ahmed Kasravi: a prominent Shia judge and writer, who left Shiasim to be later assassinated by extremist Shias, and wrote a book named Shiasim and Shia (Al-Tashayu’a wa Al-Shia), and

– Ahmed Al-Katib, a Shia who rejected the hypothesis of the birth of the Awaited One Muhamed bin Al-Hasan Al-Haskari aka Lord of All Ages and invalidated all of the historical Shia stories regarding this matter, story after story.

His Suffering, May Allah Have Mercy on His Soul:

After ordering him to fear Allah, to establish regular prayer, enjoin what is just, and forbid what is wrong, Luqman said to his son, “and bear with patient constancy whatever betide thee,” because every reformer who calls for reforms suffers from pain and is always surrounded by rumors.

At the time of the Shah, and through the instigation of Ayatullah Shari’timdari, the leader of Shias at that time, Al-Burqa’ei was imprisoned, tortured, and then exiled. Ayatullah Shari’timdari managed to gather six thousand signatures, and that resulted in expelling Al-Burqa’ei from the mosque that he was its leader. The mosque is located in Tehran. Since the Shah’s government was secular in nature, he showed indifference towards what Al-Barqa’ei was doing i.e. refuting the beliefs of Shiasim. However, the increased instigation and hatred from Shia scholars lead to cast some suffering on Al-Barqa’ei.

However, the true suffering and the greatest agony started after the Iranian Revolution. The Shia scholars tormented him, and encouraged the ignorant people to attack him. As a result, his house was attacked many times. And when the regime noticed that he is not refraining from telling the truth with great courage and that he is continuing in his activities, though in a small scale, then the regime instructed one of its followers to assassin him as they tried to do the same thing with Haydar Ali Qalamdaran, may Allah have mercy on his soul, who left Shiasim long time ago. The person who tried to assassin Haydar Ali was one of the scholars of Qumm who visited Haydar Ali in the beginning days of the revolution to kill him with a knife. However, Haydar Ali managed to flee away, and lived for many years afterwards.

However, the Shia regime was much annoyed by the works and books of Al-Barqa’ei, which he used to type on the typing machine and distribute it to people.

As we said earlier, the regime had sent one of its followers to assassin Al-Barqa’ei by gun at his house. And while Al-Barqa’ei was praying, some bullets had been fired on him, and a bullet managed to enter his left cheek to leave from the right cheek. Al-Barqa’ei, may Allah have mercy on his soul, at that time aged 80 years and was transported to the hospital for treatment. However, the doctors were ordered by the regime not to treat him. After that, a doctor advised Al-Barqa’ei to leave the hospital and seek treatment at his house.

And all of that did not break the iron will of Al-Barqa’ei, and he continued in his doings until the regime imprisoned him. Prison was no stranger to Al-Barqa’ei; however, this time it was the notorious prison Evin, which is considered to be the most infamous political prisons in Iran. He stayed a year in that prison, then he was exiled to Yazd, a very far away city from Tehran, his dwelling city.

However, after 5 days of his exile, he was again lead to prison to be exiled again to the same city later on. Then he passed away, and no one knows for sure whether he was murdered or not, may Allah have mercy on his soul.

Al-Barqa’ei passed away in the year 1993 and advised his friends and family not to be buried in a Shia cemetery or to write any poems on his grave, even though he wrote some wonderful poems for such an occasion before his guidance, but he preferred not to have them in the end.

His Works:

Al-Barqa’ei wrote many books, some of them as follows:

– An Index to the Beliefs of Shiekhism and its Contradiction to Islam (Fahras Aqa’eid Al-Sheikhiyah wa Mukhalafatha lil Islam)

– A Study in the Supplication of Al-Nadab (Dirasat Du’oa Al-Nadab)

– Supplication of Al-Nadab and its Contradictory Nature to Quran (Du’oa Al-Nadab wa Mukhalaft Ebaratuh lil Quran)

– The Many Superstitions in Visiting the Grave (Al-Khurafat Al-Katheerah fi Ziyarat Al-Quboor)

– The Prohibition of Temporary Marriage in Islam (Yahreem Al-Mut’ah in Al-Islam)

– The Destruction of the Idol – A Study in the Hadeeths of Al-Kafi (Kasr Al-Sanam)

– A Scientific Study in the Hadeeths of Al-Mahdi (Dirasah Eilmiyah li Ahadeeth Al-Mahdi)

– The Contradiction of ‘The Keys to Heavens’ to the Verses of the Quran (Mukhalafat Mafateeh Al-Jinan li Ayat Al-Quran)

And he also translated into Persian the book “Al-Muntaqa” by Al-Thahabi, which is a summary of “Minhaj Al-Sunnah Al-Nabawiya” by Ibn Taymiyah.

Dr. Ali Muzafaryan and Redha Zanganah:

Their Biography is in Farsi. I wonder if any qualified person can translate it to us.

Group of Shia scholars converted after the long munazara:

Reported by Syed Abdullah Ib Al-Hussain Al-Suwaidi Al-Abbasi to occur after a Munazara in Najaf in the year (1156) in the presence of Nadir Shah.

Muhib Al-Deen Al-Khadimi:

Author of ” Siyaha Fee Alam Al-Tashaiu” (A Journey in the world of Shiasm).

Nawab Mohsin-ul-Mulk:

Popular name for the history of Struggling in Pakistan, an Ex-SHIA scholar, who converted to SUNNI


-Alama: Ismail Al-Ishaq Al-Khoeini

– Hyder Ali Qalamdaran

– Dr. Musa Al-Musawi

– Hussain Al-Musawi

– Muhammad Iskandar Al-Yasiri

If any brothers has more names to share with us please do not hesitate

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  1. Sayed Abul Fazl bin Alreza Burqae Qomi was a seeker of truth and found the truth. His lectures so great, logical for everyone including for the shias to understand. [visit http://www.ijtehadat.com ] to download his books in Arabic and Farsi. [MUST READ BOOKS].
    Here is his short speech with English Subtitle. [only few seconds]. He is defending the companions (ra).

    P.S.Inshallah his lectures will be translated.

  2. Assalamalaikum,
    a very famous critizizer of Shiaism was (Ayatollah) Shariat Sanglaji. if You Research Shariat Sanglaji you will find many Shiite Sites who affirm that he was a former Shiite scholar who addopted Wahabism

    Verry famous person


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