Hadith: Sun came back for Ali (r.a)

In brief hadith is about the sun which was brought back for Imam Ali’s to pray Asr which he missed because the Prophet [sallalahu alaihi wa ala alihi wa sallam] was sleeping on his laps. Shaykhana Albani said it’s fabrication. (Silsila ad daifa #971). Same opinion shared ibn Jawzi and many others. (would update soon inshAllah)

First of all we should notice that this story was narrated only from Asma bintu Umays, and Hussain ibn Ali, I didn’t come across with any other companion mentioning this. And that’s in itself suspicious. Because such miracle, like sun coming back by the will of Allah should definitely be seen by majority, if not by all of companions.

Tabarani narrated that in his “Mojam al-kabir” (vol 24/#382, 390, 391, shamela, and #19054, 19062, 19063 in printed version), and Tahawi narrated this in his “Mushkilul athar” (#898, 899).

Narration from “al-Kabir” #382, and “Mushkilul athar” #899.

In its chain two narrators: Own ibn Muhammad ibn Ali and Umm Jafar bintu Muhammad ibn Jafar ibn Abu Talib. Their status is unknown. Bukhari mentioned Own in his “Tareeh al-kabeer” (7/16/#71) without any information regarding his reliability.  Biography of Umm Jafar you can find in “Tahzeeb al-kamal” (35/#7995) but again without any proper information that could make her status clear.

Narration from “al-Kabir” #390, 391, and “Mushkilul athar” #899.

There are several problems in their chain.

1) Fudayl ibn Marzuq. He was known for his tashayu faith. Nasai, ibn Maeen and Uthman ibn Saed said he’s weak. Ibn Hibban noticed that his ahadeth were exteremely rejected, and he was from people who erred upon truthful narrators (Mizanul itidal 3/362/#6772).

2) Ibrahim ibn Hasan. No one authenticated him, except ibn Hibban, which was known for his tawthiq upon unknown narrators.

In hadith #390 from “al-Kabir”, and #899 in”Mushkilul athar” next to Fudayl we can see Ubeydullah ibn Mosa, known shia.

In hadith #391 from “al-Kabir” next to Fudayl another shia, Muhammad ibn Fudayl.

Duwlabi in “Zurriyatul tahira”, Aseme in “Samtu nujum”, Suyuti in “Leal al-masnua” narrated this from Hussain (alaihi salam). In the chain al-Muttalib ibn Ziyad. Ibn Maeen said he’s thiqat, Abu Hateem said he’s not the one, who should be relying on. Ibn Sad said he’s weak (Mizanul itidal 4/128/#8591).

Other narrator Ibrahim ibn Hayan, and Abu Zurah said he’s unknown (Jarh wa tadeel 2/94/#250)

Also in the chain Abdullah ibn Hasan which narrated it from Fatima bintul Hussain. Obviously that should be Ibrahim ibn Hasan as in previous chains, Allah knows best.