Nawasib narrator in shia books

Salam alaikum, many time I was face to face with accusation from shias, that our scholars were narrating from nawaseb!

Ibn Babaveyh al-Qummi in his “Kamal ad-den” (1/82-83) wrote:

Narrated to us my teacher, Muhammad bin Hasan bin Ahmad bin Walid that he said: I heard Saad bin Abdullah say: Neither we have seen or heard about any Shia person leaving the Shia faith and adopting Nasibi beliefs, except for Ahmad bin Hilal. And it is the view of  these people that it is not lawful to use a traditional report narrated solely by Ahmad bin Hilal. And we are sure that the Messenger of Allah (s.a.w.s.) and the Holy Imams (a.s.) will not intercede for anyone except one whose faith Allah had liked. And the one who doubts in the Imamate of an Imam is following a religion other than the religion of Allah.

But this narrator Ahmad ibn Hilal could be easily found in shia books. Examples :

1) “Tahzib al-ahkam” Shaykh Toose 6/48: ; twice at 3/37, and once at 3/175:

2) “Mustadrak al-wasail” Mirza Noore 11/37:; 9/347: ; 8/277:;

3) Ibn Babaveyh himself narrated from him in “al-Imamam wal tabsera” p 35 :

4) “Wasail ush shia” by Hurr al-Amili, twice in volume 24, at pages 51, and 174 :; 7 times in volume 4, at page 40, 198, 325, 326, 376, 433, 448:

And that is only one narrator, that I checked.

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  1. Assalam bro,

    You could add that ahmad bin hilal was thiqa per ayatullah al-khu’i :
    فالمتحصل : أن الظاهر أن أحمد بن هلال ثقة
    mu’jam rijal al-hadith vol 3 page 153

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