Anal pregnancies and precautionary measures to avoid mixing of lineage

Prepared by brother Umar ibn al-Khatab, edited by us:

Possibilities of rawafid getting born from rear and precautionary measures to avoid mixing of lineage.

Wisdom behind Iddah in IslamQuestion: Why should a woman observe iddah after divorce?

Answer: Making sure that she is not pregnant, so that there would be no confusion on who the father of the child is in case she were to remarry and get pregnant right away.

So according to Islam the wisdom behind observing iddah period is to avoid mixing of lineage. Moreover a normal women only gets pregnant when she has intercourse in her vagina…but do shia women only get pregnant when they have intercourse in vagina? Well we already learned that some specially chosen women get pregnant in their thighs when giving birth to Imams. So is there a third way to pregnancy with this cult? To find the answer lets go and ask promiscuous ayatullats.

Rafidi ayatullats are very well aware of the fact, they as a cult, are the filthiest creatures. Infact they consider themselves as Allah’s filthies creation ever to walk on earth, and thus said in possibility of rawafid been born from rear of a women and for this reason took all necessary precautionary measures to avoid, not the pregnancy, but avoid mixing of lineage…i.e. bloody ties of anus!We have here ayatullat Rohani and Sistani issuing fatwah to make sure a rafidi woman observes iddah period after she is sodomized.

Fatwah of Rohani


السؤال: انا متزوج متعة باكر و تم الدخول دبرا برضاها و الان تقدم لها لشاب للزواج الدائم؛ هل للدخول في الدبر عدة؟
و كم مدة العدة لها؟

الجواب: باسمه جلت اسمائه
نعم للدخول فی الدبر عدة و هی خمسة و اربعون یوما- ان کانت الزوجة فی سن من تحیض و لا تحیض- و ان کانت تحیض فالعدة حیضتان کاملتان

Question: I am married in mutah to a virgin and entered in her anus with her consent, and now a man proposed her for normal marriage; Is entering in anus has iddah?
Answer: In his name
Yes entrance in anus has iddah and it is 45 days if the wife was in the age when women menstruate but does not menstruate – but if she menstruates then her iddah is two complete menstruations.

السؤال: عند وطأ الزوجة المتمتع بها دبراً، هل تجب عليها العدة؟ و هل فتوى أم
الجواب: باسمه جلت اسمائه
وطأ الزوجة المتمتع بها دبرا يوجب العدة فتوي لااحتياطا

Question: If when one has sex with muta’h wife in her anus, does it become obligatory on her to observe iddah? Is this a fatwah or precautionary measure?
Answer: In his name
Having sex with mut’ah wife in her anus, iddah becomes obligatory. It is fatwah and not precautionary measure.
Fatwah of Sistani

Source:  Official site

السؤال 5: فتاة بكر دخل عليها زوجها من الدبر وتطلقت منه هل لها عدة؟ وهل يجوز لها تزويج نفسها بالعقد المنقطع
دون إذن الولي؟
الجواب: تجب العدة , ويجوزلها ان تزوج نفسها دائما اومنقطعا بدون اذن الولي .

Question 5:
A young virgin woman whose husband entered her in her anus and then he divorced her, so is there iddah for her? And can she marry herself with temporary contract (mut’ah marriage) without the permission of her guardian?Fatwah:
Iddah becomes obligatory, and it is permissible for her to marry herself permanently or temporarily without the permission of her guardian.

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السؤال: هل یجوز الزواج المتعة من فتاة مطلقة بدون أن أدخل بها؟ علما بأنها ما تزال بكر؟

الجواب: إذا لم یدخل بها زوجها حتّی من الدّبر فلابد من استئذان الأب بالعقد علیها ان لم تكن مستقلة في شؤون حیاتها بل حتى لو كانت مستقلة ـ علی الأحوط ـ.

Question 72:
Is it permissible to have mut’ah (pleasure) marriage with a young divorced woman without having sexual intercourse? Knowing that she is still a virgin?
If her husband did not have intercourse with her, even in her anus, then it is must to take permission from her father incase she is not independent in her affairs, even if she was independent – based on precaution -.

257 السؤال:
هل ادخال الرجل في دبر المتمتع بها يعد مما يتحقق به الدخول ، ويترتب عليه آثار عنوان المدخول بها ؟.. وهل ثمة فرق بين العقدين الدائم والمنقطع في ذلك ؟


يترتب عليه آثار الدخول ، ولا فرق بين الدائم والمنقطع

Question 257:
If a man inserts (his p****) in the anus of the one used for mut’ah (pleasure) counted as intercourse, and is this categorized under the title of a woman who had intercourse?.. And is there any difference between the two contracts, permanent and temporary regarding this?
It is categorized under the one who had intercourse, and there is no difference between permanent and temporary.

258 السؤال:
لو أتى الرجل المتمتع بها في دبرها ، ثم وهبها المدة وهي في العادة .. فما هو مبدأ حساب العدة ؟.. وهل الحيضة التي تكون فيها داخلة في حساب العدة ؟.. وهل من فرق بين كون الهبة قد وقعت أول العادة أو وسطها أو آخرها ؟ وحيث تورطت المرأة صاحبة المسألة في زواج متسرع من رجل آخر كان لا بد من البت في الأمر سريعاً ؟
لا تحسب تلك الحيضة من العدة ، بل عليها إتمام حيضتين ، ولا تكفي الحيضة الواحدة على الاحوط ، ولافرق بين كون الهبة أولها أو وسطها أو آخرها

Question 258:
If a man had intercourse in the anus of the one used for pleasure (mut’ah woman), then granted her interval while she was in her iddah… what is the principle of counting the iddah?.. And is the menstruation in which there was sexual intercourse counted in the iddah? ..And is there any difference if granting occurred in the initial period of iddah or in the middle or at the last? Because the woman in this issue got involved in hasty marriage with another man as there was urgency in the matter?
The mentioned menstruation is not counted in the iddah, but she should complete two menstruation cycles, just one menstruation is not enough on precaution, and there is no difference if granting occurred in the initial period of iddah or in the middle or at the last.———————————————————————————————–


Just to shut the mouth of rawafid who might try to defend (even after seeing these clear evidence), that iddah is there even for a woman who is not entered in her front and rear.

No intercourse no iddah.

Source: Official site.

السؤال 76: كم مدة عدّة المتمتع بها اذا لن يدخل بها و كم مدة عدتها اذا دخل بها مع
اليقين بانه لم ينزل فيها و حاضت المرأة بعد الزواج و هل يصح زواجها الدائم بعد الحيض الاول من رجل آخر بعد انتهاء الزواج الموقت؟
الجواب: لاعدة مع عدم الدخول واما مع الدخول فعدة المتمتع بها حيضتان و لاتكفي الحيضة الواحدة
على الاحوط و لايصح الزواج بعد حيضة واحدة على الاحوط

Question 76:
What is the iddah period for the one who was used for mut’ah (pleasure) marriage if she was not entered upon (sexual intercourse) and what is the iddah period if she was entered upon with certainity that he did not ejaculate in her, and the woman menstruated after marriage. And is it right to have permanent marriage after the first menstruation with another man, after period of temporary marriage ends?
There is no iddah in absence of intercourse and as for with intercourse, then iddah for a the one used for mut’ah (pleasure) two menstruations and just one menstruation is not enough based on precaution, also marriage is not correct after one menstruation based on precaution.