Narration: Abu Bakr said testfied his regret in regards to what he did to Fatimah

Athar: Abu Bakr said ‘I did three things that I now regret, they are: That I failed to show respect towards the house of Fatima…….

Famous Rafidi AA site wrote following:

Abu Bakr said ‘I did three things that I now regret, they are: That I failed to show respect towards the house of Fatima. I did not burn Fajaf Salmah. At Saqifa I transferred Khilafath to Abu Ubaydah or Umar. There are three things that I wish I had done: When Asheesh bin Qays was brought before me as prisoner I should have had him killed. When I sent Khalid bin Waleed to the Land of the Kuffar I should have turned him in the direction of Zay Qasa. When sending Khalid to Syria I should have sent Umar to Iraq. I regret that I did not get clarification from Rasulullah (s) on three matters: Whether the Ansar had a share in the Khilafath. Who would succeed him (s) as Khalifa.The inheritance of an aunt and nephew

However chain of this athar isn’t authentic, so these regrets of Abu Bakr aren’t proved, and most likely it’s pure fabrication.

It was narrated by Al-Aqele (or al-Uqayli) in “Duafa al-kabir” (3/420, shamela), ibn Asakir in his history (30/422), Tabarani in “Mojam al-kabir”, Tabari in history (2/619) via chain that contains Alwan ibn Dawud al-Bajli.

Bukhari and Abu Saeed ibn Yunus said about him: “Munkar al-hadith”. Al-Uqayli said: “He has ahadeth that couldn’t be relied upon, and which are not known except by him” (“Mizanul itidal” 3/108/#5763).  Al-Heythami in “Majmau zawaid” (№9030) said that it was narrated by Tabarani, and in the chain Alwan ibn Dawud, and he’s weak.

And bonus another lie of AA site revealed.

These rawafidh said:

As proof we shall cite:

  • Tareekh Tabari Volume 2 page 24
  • Kanz al Khitab al Khilafath ma al Maar Volume 3 page 135
  • Al Imama wa al Siyasa Volume 1 page 18, Dhikr Wafaath Abu Bakr
  • Murujh al Dhahab Volume 2 page 308 Dhikr Khilafath Abu Bakr
  • Iqd al Fareed, Dhikr Wafaath Abu Bakr Volume 2 page 20

And few sentences after they wrote:

These five esteemed Sunni scholars noted Abu Bakr’s admission of his mistakes, so why do his modern day champions go mad when we accuse Abu Bakr of making a mistake on the Fadak issue? This is of course unpalatable for the followers of Abu Bakr, and their modern day advocate Al Khider tries his best to muddy the waters and present both parties as correct…

And by Allah they lied! Masoode author of “Muruj az-zahab” was known shia scholar, and not sunni one.