Hadith: Cursed tree in the Quran are al-Hakam and his father.

Hadith: Cursed tree in the Quran are al-Hakam and his father.

Allah Taala said in the Quran in surah al-Israa: [Shakir 17:60] And when We said to you: Surely your Lord encompasses men; and We did not make the vision which We showed you but a trial for men and the cursed tree in the Quran as well; and We cause them to fear, but it only adds to their great inordinacy.

Imam Shawkani in “Fatkh al-Qadeer” (3/342):

“And ibn Mardaweyh narrated from Aisha, that she said to al-Marwan ibn al-Hakam: “I heard prophet (sallalahu alaihi wa ala alihi wa sallam) said to your father and grandfather, that they are “cursed tree” in the Quran”. (Then Shawkani said) And in this (text) is rejection (nakarat), in her words “he said to your father and grandfather”, and problem is (fact) that grandfather of Marwan didn’t seen time of prophecy”.

So even without checking the chain, we can see clear misfit of text to known history facts.

I found this hadith along with chain in other book, imam Badrutdin al-Ayni in his commentary “Umdatul Qare” (under the explanation of hadith #6174) quoted it with chain: Narrated ibn Mardaweyh from Abdurrazaq from his father from Miyana mawla of Abdurrahman ibn Ouf, that Aisha, may Allah be pleased with her, said to al-Marwan.

This chain is extremely weak. First problem in this chain is Abdurrazaq. He was imam without any doubt, muhadith. Nasai said: “There is question in those who wrote from him (ahadeth) in the end (of his life); (they) narrated from him rejected ahadeth”. Ibn Adi said: “(He) narrated ahadeth in fadhail, in which no one agreed with him, and rejected (ahadeth) about faults of others, he was ascribed to at-tashayu”. The one thing in him, which we can say for sure, he was upright narrator, who got confused in the end of his life. (see his lengthy bio in “Mizanul itidal” 2/609/#5044).

As for father of Abdurrazaq, that’s Hamam ibn Nafe, ibn Maeen said he’s thiqat. Al-Aqili (or al-Uqayli) noticed that his ahadeth weren’t mahfooz (“Mizanul itidal” 4/308/#9252).

But the main problem of this chain is Miyana. Abu Hatim accused him in lie. Ibn Maeen, Nasai said: “He’s not thiqat”. Daraqutni said: “Abandoned” (“Mizanul itidal” 4/237/#8981).

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    I have recently been chatting with a shia and we got talking on hadiths and i as a sunni was giving hadith on umar al farukh ra but he came with sahih muslim hadith 718 on tayammum and his question was if prophet sallalahu alaihwsalam said u can use earth but hazrat umar ra didnt


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