Hadeeth: O `Ali! Glad tidings to whoever loves and believes in you…

Rafidi Abdulhussain wrote:

Consider his statement peace be upon him and his progeny “O `Ali! Glad tidings to whoever loves and believes in you and woe unto whoever hates you and tells lies about you.” This is recorded by al-Hakim on page 135 Vol. 3 of his Al-Mustadrak where he comments saying: “This hadith is authentic by way of its being consecutively reported (through isnad consecutive reporting). Neither shaykh records it.”. (letter 48, hadith #21).

It was narrated by ibn Asakir in his history (42/281), Hakim in “Mostadrak” (#4657), Abu Yala in “Musnad” (#1602), ibn Adi in “Kamil fi duafa” (5/186) via chain: Saeed ibn Muhammad al-Warraq ath-Thaqafe – Ali ibn Huzoor – Abu Maryam ath-Thaqafi – Ammar ibn Yasir.

This hadith is false, as said shaykh Albani (“Silsila ad-daeefa” 4895). Dhahabi in “Talkhis” said: “On the contrary, Saeed and Ali abandoned”. Al-Heythami in “Majmau zawaid” (#14755) said: “Narrated Tabarani in the chain Ali ibn Huzoor, and he’s abandoned”. Bukhari said: “Fehe nadhar”, Yahya said: It’s not permitted to anyone to narrate from him. Abu Hatim said: Munkar al-hadith. Nasai said: Abandoned. Daraqutni said: Weak (“Mizanul itidal” 2/118/#5803).

Other narrator Saeed ibn Muhammad is also weak. Ibn Maeen said he’s nothing. Ibn Sad and others said he’s weak. Nasai said he’s not truthful. Daraqutni said he’s abandoned (“Mizanul itidal” 2/156/#3263).