Hadeeth: Whoever wishes to live the way that I have lived…

Rafidi Abdulhussain wrote:

Consider his statement peace be upon him and his progeny “Whoever wishes to live the way that I have lived and die the way that I shall die and reside in the Eternal Garden which is promised to me by my Lord let him accept `Ali as his/her wali for surely he never gets you out of guidance nor will he ever hurl you into misguidance”. (letter 48, hadith #22).

Hadith is fabrication (“Silsila ahadeth ad-daeefa” #892).

Abu Nuaym in “Hilliyatul awliya” (4/349-350), Toose in “Mukhtasar ahkam mustahraj” (#142), Tabarani in “al-Kabir”, Abu Nuaym in “Fadhail khulafa ar-rashidin”, ibn Shahin in “Sharhkhul mazhab” via chain: Yahya ibn Yala al-Aslame – Ammar ibn Raziq – Abu Ishaq – Ziyad ibn Muttarif – Zayd ibn Arqam.

Al-Heythami in “Majmau zawaid” (#14639) said: “Narrated Tabarani in the chain Yahya ibn Yala al-Aslame, he’s weak”. Bukhari said about him: His ahadeth are mixed. Abu Hatim said: Weak (“Mizanul itidal” 4/ 415 /#9657 ).  Sulaimane said that ibn Raziq was from rafidah (“Mizanul itidal” 3/ 164 / # 5986). Abu Ishaq thiqat, but known for tadlis, and he narrated this hadith in /muanan/ form, he also known as person who got confused in the end of his life.