Hadeeth:You are a leader in this life and the life hereafter

Rafidi Abdulhussain wrote:

Consider his statement peace be upon him and his progeny “O `Ali! You are a leader in this life and the life hereafter; whoever loves you loves me too and whoever loves me is loved by Allah; your foe is my foe and my foe is Allah’s foe; woe unto whoever despises you after me.” This is recorded by al-Hakim at the beginning of page 128 Vol. 3 of Al-Mustadrak and its authenticity is ascertained by both Shaykhs. ( Murajiat letter 48, hadith #20).

First of all I should notice that translator corrupted the original text, in Arabic version of “Murajiat” it’s written: “And authenticated upon conditions of two shaykhs”. So authenticity on the conditions of two shaykhs was claimed by Hakim, and not ascertained by them for sure. Translator Yasin T. al-Jibouri showed his complete ignorance with elementary facts from history! How on the earth two shaykhs (Bukhari and Moslem) could ascertained authenticity of hadith which was narrated by Hakim, if they both died before Hakim was born!?

But let us go back to the hadeeth, and check is it really authentic? Shaykh Albani said it’s pure fabrication. (“Silsila ad-daeefa” #4894). Suyoote said it’s false, fabrication (“Tadrib ar-rawi” 1/484, and 1/286 shamela). Dhahabi in “Mizanul itidal” (2/613) said it’s not authentic, and he said: “Munkar not far from fabricated” in “Talkhis”. Abu Hammad ash-Sharki said it’s false (“Mukhtasar tarih ibn Asakir” 1/317 shamela).

Chain of this hadith is following: Abul Azhar – Abdurrazaq – Muamar – Zuhre – Ubeydullah ibn Abdullah ibn Abbas from his father.

Abdurrazaq ibn Hammam was imam and muhadith. But he got confused in the end of his life. Nasai said: “There is question in those who wrote from him in the end, (they) narrated from him rejected (manakir) ahadeth”. Ibn Adi said: “Narrated ahadeth in fadhail and discredit of others that no one else narrated along with him. And he was ascribed to at-tashayu”. Daraqutni said: “Thiqat, but he erred upon Muamar in ahadeth” (“Mizanul itidal” 2/609/#5044). Here he was narrating from Muamar.  Muamar himself was upright, but he had rafidi nephew which included this hadith in his book (“Tadrib ar-rawi” 1/286 shamela, Heythami “Majmau zawaid” #14760).