Hadeeth: O `Ammar! If you see `Ali walking on one path ….

Rafidi Abdulhussain said:

At the beginning of page 156 Vol. 6 of Kanz al-`Ummal al-Daylami quotes Ammar citing the Messenger of Allah (p.b.u.h.) telling `Ammar the following: “O `Ammar! If you see `Ali walking on one path while other people walk on another walk with `Ali and leave the people for he shall never lead you to destruction nor shall he ever take you out of right guidance.” (Murajiat letter 48, hadith #26)

Hadith is invented. This is an opinion of shaykh Albani (“Silsila ad-daeefa” #4896), ibn Jawzi (“al-Mawdoa” 2/244), ibn Kathir “al-Bidaya wa nihaya” (7/318), Juzaqane “Al-Abatel” (1/329), Suyote “Leal al-Masnua” (1/374).

It was narrated by ibn Asakir in “Tarih madinatul dimashk” (42/472) and by Hatib al-Baghdade in “Tarih al-Baghdade” (13/186)  from Abu Ayub al-Ansare. In the chain Mualla ibn Abdurrahman.

Imam Shawkani said in “Fawaid al-majmua” (p 475/#147): “Ibn al-Jawzi said this hadith invented. In the chain al-Muala ibn Abdurrahman. He use to fabricated ahadeth. And Abu Ayub didn’t participate in battle of Siffin, as it stated in this hadith. This hadith was also narrated via other chain, that also contains fabricator. It was narrated by al-Hakim in “Arbain”. (end of quote from Shawkani). Suyote in “Leal al-masnua” (1/374): “Fabricated, and al-Mualla abandoned, fabricator. Abu Ayub didn’t participate in Siffin”. Regarding this Mualla, Daraqutni said: Weak, liar. Abu Hatim said: Matruk al-hadith. Ibn Madini accused him in fabrications of ahadeth  (“Mizanul itidal” 4/148/#8673).