Hadeeth: “It is written on the gate of Paradise…

Hadeeth: “It is written on the gate of Paradise: `There is no god but Allah Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah `Ali is the Brother of the Messenger of Allah.'”

Abdulhussain Sharafulrafd al-Mosawi gave this hadith in his letter 48, under the number 32.

Hadith is pure invented lie without single doubt.  (“Silsila ad-daeefa” #4901)

This narration was transmitted by al-Qatiy in the additions to “Fadhail as-sahaba” (#1134), ibn Asakir in his history from the way of Tabarani (42/59), Hatib in “Jamiu tafriq” (1/455),  ibn Adi in “Kamil” (6/83/#1616).

In “Fadhail”, “Kamil” chain run in this way: Sulaiman ibn Rabia an-Nahdi al-Kofe, narrated to me: Kadah ibn Rahmat, which said: narrated to me Muasar from Atiyah from Jabir.

1) Sulaiman ibn Rabia, he was abandoned by Daraqutni, who said he’s weak (“Mizanul itidal” 2/207/#3459).

2) Kadah ibn Rahmat. Azdi and others said he was liar (“Mizanul itidal” 3/399/#6927).

3) Atiyah Awfe weak in accordance to majority.

In the “Jamiu tafriq”, history of ibn Asakir, and “al-Awsat” of Tabarani chain runs in this way: Muhammad ibn Uthman ibn Abu Shayba – Zakariya ibn Yahya al-Kisai – Yahya ibn Salim – Ashath ibn am al-Hasan ibn Salih – Muasar ibn Kidam – Atiyah Awfe – Jabir.

1) Muhammad ibn Uthman disputed, he was accused in lie by ibn Khirash and Abdullah ibn Ahmad.

2) Zakariya ibn Yahya. He’s weak. Ibn Maeen said: Bad man narrated bad ahadeth. Nasai and Daraqutni said he’s abandoned (“Mizanul itidal” 2/75/#2890).

3) Yahya ibn Salim was weak, that’s view of Daraqutni (“Mizanul itidal” 4/377/#9513).

4) Ashath ibn um al-Hasan, weak. Al-Heythami said he’s weak (“Majmau zawaid” #14656).

5) Atiyah weak in accordance to majority.