Hadeeth: “O `Ali! There is a resemblance in you to Jesus..

Rafidi said:

Consider his statement peace be upon him and his progeny “O `Ali! There is a resemblance in you to Jesus (a.s.) who was hated by the Jews to the extent that the latter even cast doubts about his mother’s honour and loved by the Christians to the extent that they attributed to him a status which is not his.” (Murajiat Letter 48, hadith #35).

Hadith is weak (“Silsila ad-daeefa” #4842, 5626).

Narrated by Nasai in “Khasais” (#103), Ajurri in “Shariat” (#1960, shamela), Abdullah in “Musnad” (#1376, shaykh Arnawut said: Chain is weak), Hakim in “Mustadrak” (#4622, Dhahabi noticed that ibn Maeen weakened narrator Hakim ibn Abdulmalik), Toose in “Mustahraj” (#119), Bukhari in “Tarih al-kabir” (3/281), Abu Nuaym in “Tareh al-khulafa” and others. Chain of this hadith is going in this way: al-Hakim ibn Abdulmalik – al-Hasir ibn Husirat – Abu Sadiq – Rabia ibn Najat – Ali.  Al-Heythami in “Zawaid” (#14762) said: “Narrated Abdullah, Bazzar in short, and Abu Yala in more complete form. In the chain of Abdullah, and Abu Yala – Hakim ibn Abdulmalik and he’s weak.  And in the chain of Bazzar – Muhammad ibn Kathir al-Qurashe al-Kofe, and he’s weak“. Dhahabi in “Mizanul itidal” (2/45/#2758) noticed that Rabia isn’t known, and Abu Sadiq narrated munkar story from him. Other narrator al-Harith ibn Husirat was upright but shia.