Hadeeth: Whoever wishes to discern Noah’s determination

Abdulhussain said:

Consider his statement peace be upon him and his progeny “Whoever wishes to discern Noah’s determination Adam’s knowledge Ibrahim’s clemency Moses’ discretion Christ’s asceticism then let him look unto `Ali.” This is recorded by al-Bayhaqi in his Sahih and by Imam Ahmed ibn Hanbal in hisMusnad. (Letter 48, hadith #34).

Here we have another clear example of shia lies. First of all there is NO SUCH BOOK like “Sahih” of Beyhaki, he had “Sunnan”, this shia abdulhussain named it saheeh to mislead people, so they can think this hadith is saheeh.

Second. this hadith isn’t present in the book of Ahmad or Beyhaki, as said shaykh Uthman al-Khamis (hafizuhullah). That’s why this shia abdulhussain didn’t point to direct reference in those books. And we suppose to believe that he was debating with sunni shaykh?!! Which sunni shaykh can close eyes to such blatant lie?! Laanatullahi alal kazibin! SubhanAllah! If I would shia, I would announce my innocence from such liar like abdulhussain al-mosawi! But what we can see?!! Shias praising him daily and nightly, and spreading his book in all possible languages.   SubhanAllah! How is it possible to call people to SO CALLED true faith by lies, misquotations and accusations!!?

Ibn Muttahar al-Hilli gave similar hadith in his “Minhaj al-karamah: “Whoever wants to look at a person who alike Adam in knowledge, Noah in taqwa, Ibrahim in clemency, Moses in merit, Isa in worship, let him look to Ali”.

Shaykhul-Islam said it’s invented lie in “Minhaj as-sunna” (5/510). Ibn Kathir quoted hadith with close text in “Bidaya wa nihaya” (7/369) and said: “Extremely rejected, chain isn’t authentic”. Shaykh Albani said hadith is fabrication (“Silsila ad-daeefa” #4903).

Ibn Asakir narrated it in his history (12/ 140/ 2), in the chain Abu Amr al-Azdi, he’s unknown. In “Leal al-masnua” it was quoted from Hakim, and there he’s Abu Umar al-Azdi. Ibn Jawzi said: “(Hadith) invented, Abu Umar abandoned”. Most likely talk was about Hafs ibn Sulaiman Abu Umar al-Azdi, he was accused in lie by Saje and others.

There are two other ways, in one of it Abu Dawud al-Ame`e, he was accused in lie by ibn Maeen, and in other Abu Haroon alAbde Imarat ibn Juawayn, shia, abandoned, accused in lie. Ibn Arraq mentioned other way from ibn Abbas, in it Muasar ibn Yahya an-Nahdi, Dhahabi in “Mizan” said that he’s unknown, and he narrated false story, this one.

Ibn Asakir narrated similar hadith from Anas (12/ 133/ 2, and 42/289 shamela), and then noticed: “This hadith is munkar, Abu Ahmad al-Makke is unknown”. (Information quoted from “Silsila ad-daeefa” with abridgment).