Hadeeth: The foremost in testifying (to the Prophets’ truth) are three

Hadeeth: “”The foremost in testifying (to the Prophets’ truth) are three: Habib al-Najjar the believer implied in Surat Yasin who said: `O my people! Follow the Messengers (of God);’ Izekiel [whose name means “Strength of God” – tr.] the believer from the family of Pharaoh who said: `Do you intend to kill a man just for saying that his Lord is Allah? ‘ and `Ali ibn Abu Talib who is superior to all of them.” (Murajiat Letter 48, hadith #36).

This hadith is invented. (“Silsila ad-daeefa” 355; “Minhaj as-sunna” 5/26).

It was narrated by al-Qatyi in additions to “Fadhail as-sahaba” (#1072), by Abu Nuaym in “Maarefatus sahaba”, ibn Asakir in “Tareeh madinatul dimashk” (42/313). In the chain Amr ibn Jamia al-Basre. I couldn’t find man with such nisba, most likely talk is about Abu Uthman Amr ibn Jamia al-Koofe. He was accused in lie by Ibn Maeen and ibn Adi. Bukhari said: “Munkar al-hadith”. Daraqutni said: “Abandoned” (“Mizanul itidal” 3/251/#6345).