“Sharhus sudur bi sharhil halal mawta wal qubur”

Salam alaikum. Below I’d like to present to you two quotes from book by Jalal-ad-deen as-Suyote “Sharhus sudur bi sharhil halal mawta wal qubur”.

P – 38:

“It was narrated by ibn Asakir from Abdurrahman al-Muharibi, which said: “The death came to one man, he was asked to say “la ilaha ila llah”. He said: “I can’t, I was befriend with group of people, they called me to abuse Abu Bakr and Umar”.

P- 72:

“It was narrated from Halef ibn Hawshab, which said: “A man died in Madain, and he was covered up. He take the cover, and opened his face, and said: “In this mosque people who dye their beards with henna, and they curse Abu Bakr and Umar, and making tabarru from them. Angels that came to take my soul curses those people, and making tabarru from them”. He said that, and died again”.

P 38:

P 72: