1 faithful shia man + one prostitute = lawful shia marriage?

Salam alaikum.

Presenting to you several fatwas from board of ayatollat al-Hakeem.

This man said:

In the name of Allah, the most Gracious, the most merciful and Praise to Him. It is permissible to marry a prostitute temporarily but she usually does not understand this relation as a religious relation. So, you should ensure that she understands the contract as a marriage with all its responsibilities towards the husband and she should understand that the dowry is not a fee for adultery. May Allah guide you to please him.

So just picture that! Shia man have to explain to prostitute , that Islam allows him to buy her body for a sex! So, find a prostitute, but don’t forget to explain her, that paying money for sex, that is your religion!

And he said:

There is no doubt that marrying an adulteress permanently in permissible.

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