Examining al-Kafi

In book “al-Kafi” vol.5, Book of Marriage (Nikaah), Section of Sodomy, narration # 3, we read:

“ Ali b. Ibrahim, from his father, from al-Nufaly, from al-Sukoony, from Abu Abdillah [as] saying: The Chief of Faithful (i.e Ali b. Abi Talib) [as] said: Sodomy is (anything) other than anal. Anal is disbelief”

The Commentator, Ayatollah Ali Akbar al-Ghifary wrote in the footnotes: “That’s to say (sodomy) is in the status of disbelief regarding the severity and length of punishment. It is possible also to interpret (his statement) to mean it is permissible.”

In other words, listen you Shi’ites, Sodomy or homosexuality’s prohibition is uncertain. Just as you could rely on its prohibition, you can also rely on its permissibility. His statement can go both ways because:

The word (Dubur- دبر) in Arabic has several meanings, such as: behind, back, and in this context, anal. The statement given, as understood by Ayatollah Ali Akbar, says you can consider anything other than anal sex as a sodomy because “Dubur” means disbelief and it has nothing to do with sodomy.

In fact, there’s another narration reported in al-Mahaasin by Abu Ja’far Ahmad b. Muhammad b. Khalid al-Barqi, vol.1 pp 201-202, also by Al-Majlisi in his “Bihaarul-Anwaar” vol. 76, p. 70 which reads:

“Through him, from Muhammad b. Ali, from many of his companions, attributed (rafa3ahu) to Abu Ja’far [as], said: It was said to him: Can a believer be tried/tested (with homosexuality) He replied: Yes, but ought to be on top not topped”

But what do the Shi’ites call him, who is on board of Ahlul-Bayt’s ship and get topped? Is he not a Mu’min? What if he drops some tears on ‘Ashura? Isn’t his sins forgiven as their narration states?

O Allah, witness, that we have nothing to do with a religion permits sodomy.