Iblis on shia side

Ibn Babawaih al-Qummi, best known as al-Sadooq, author of the well know book (من لا يحضره السفيه) reported in his book “Ilal al-sharaa’ie” the following:

“… عن أبي هارون العبدي عن جابر بن عبد الله الأنصاري قال: كنا بمنى مع رسول الله إذ بصرنا برجل ساجد وراكع ومتضرع، فقلنا يا رسول الله ما أحسن صلاته، فقال (ص) هو الذي أخرج أباكم من الجنة. فمضى إليه علي (ع) غير مكترث فهزه هزة أدخل أضلاعه اليمنى في اليسرى، واليسرى في اليمنى، ثم قال: لأقتلنك إن شاء الله، فقال: لن تقدر على ذك إلى أجل معلوم من عند ربي. مالك تريد قتلي، فو الله ما أبغضك أحد إلا سبقت نطفتي إلى رحم أمه قبل نطفة أبيه، ولقد شاركت مبغضيك في الأموال والأولاد وهو قول الله عز وجل في محكم كتابه “وشاركهم في الأموال والأولاد”. قال النبي (ص): صدق يا علي لا يبغضك من قريش إلا سفاحي، ولا من الأنصار إلا يهودي، ولا من العرب إلا دعي، ولا من سائر الناس إلا شقي، ولا من النساء إلا سلقلقية وهي التي تحيض من دبرها، ثم أطرق مليا ثم رفع رأسه فقال: معاشر الأنصار، اعرضوا أولادكم على محبة علي فإن أجابوا فهم منكم وإن أبوا فليسوا منكم. قال جابر بن عبد الله: فكنا نعرض حب علي (ع) على أولادنا فمن أحب عليا علمنا أنه من أولادنا، ومن أبغض عليا انتفينا منه”

[علل الشرائع 1/171: باب 120 الرواية 7]

From Abu Haroon al-Abdi, from Jabir bin Abdullah al-Ansaari saying: While we were at Mina with the Messenger of Allah, behold we have seen a man prostrating, kneeling and in humility (praying to Allah). We consequently said: O Messenger of Allah, what a beautiful prayer he is performing. The Messenger [sallalahu alaihi wa ali] replied: It was him who caused your forefather to be out of paradise.

Ali then walked to him carelessly and shook him in a way it caused his right ribs to cross into his left ribs and his left ribs into his right ribs, and said: I’m going to kill you insha Allah.

(The man) Said: You cannot till the prescribed time of my Lord becomes due. Why would you want to kill me? By Allah no one hated you but my sperms reached his mother’s womb before his dad’s. (Furthermore) I’ve shared with your haters their wealth and children which is the (lieteral interpretation) of Allah Azza WaJal saying:
“mutually share with them wealth and children” (17:64)

The Messenger [sallalahu alaihi wa ali] said: O Ali, he has said the truth, whoever hates you among the Qurashites is but a bastar/d, and out of the Ansaar but a Jew, and out of the Arabs but a foundling, and out of the rest of the people but a culprit, and no woman but she be of those who menstruate from her anus.

He then kept silent for a while, then lifted up his head and said:O People of Ansaar, examin your kids on the quest of loving Ali, if they responded positively, (then) they are your kids, and if they refused, they are certainly not yours.

Jabir bin Abdullah said: We used to expose our kids to the love of Ali. Whomsoever among them loved him, we knew that he is (a legitimate) son of ours, and whomsoever refuses we disowned him.

Ilal al-Sharaa’ie, vol. 1, p. 171, ch. 120, narration # 7


I just couldn’t find any funnier narration than this one:

Iblis is kneeling & prostrating? lol
Not only that, but a big fan and a lover of Ali? lol
And whoever hates Ali, he screws his mother? ROFL

But worst of all, does any of you know a woman menstruates from her anus? lol

Subhanallah !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nevertheless, if Ali has acquired such a power that he caused the ribs of Iblis to tangle with one another just with one hand, and:

Assuming this incident did actually take place, what have our shi’ites against Moses [alaihi salam] when he knocked out the eye of angel of death[as] since both have transformed from their original form to the form of a human-being?

The bottom line is that Iblis, as proven from their own mouth, is on the side of Rafidha, protecting them and fighting in their cause.

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    • If you mean that it’s weak per our norms, that’s certain. As for shia norms, you have to proof that.
      His name was Ammara ibn Juwayn. عمارة بن جوين ابوهارون العبدى
      And he was shia, that’s for sure.

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