On tashayu of Sherik and Wakiah

Salam alaikum.

In his famous letter with 100 names of shia narrators, Abdulhussain mentioned many names among them such aimma like Wakia and Sherik ibn Abdullah.

For people who are familiar with shia faith in sifaat, it’s clear that modern rafidah are upon the way of mutazila and jahmiya.

Let us see minhaj of these two imams in the questions of sifaat.

Imam Daraqutni narrated in his book “Kitabus Sifaat”:

#62, p 59 – …. from Ahmad ibn Dawaraqi: “I heard Wakiah (ibn al-Jarrah) said: “Leave these ahadeth (in sifaat) as they came, and don’t say: How is that? And (don’t say): And why is in this way?”

Compare these with modern shia understanding of sifaat! When after such questions they are changing meaning of sifaats as they wish!

#65, p 61 – …Abbad ibn al-Awwam said: “Sherik ibn Abdullah came to us, (and we addressed to him: O Abu Abdullah!) here we have a group of mutazila, they rejecting these ahadeth “Allah descend to the heaven” and “people of heaven would see their lord”. Upon that Sherik narrated us 10 ahadeth in these meaning, and said: “As for us, we took our religion from children of tabein, (and they) from companions of prophet (sallalahu alaihi wa ala alihi wa sallam)! And from whom those (mutazila) took their religion?”.

Ajurri in his “Shariah” gave us another testimony that Sherik for sure was far from rafidah, may Allah disgrace their faces.

He reports (p 124, n 282, Darul Kutub al-Ilmiyah) that when murjia were mentioned in presense of Sherik, he said: “They are most wicked group. AND IT IS ENOUGH FOR YOU (AS AN EXAMPLE) WICKEDNESS OF RAFIDAH, but this (group) lies upon Allah”.